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  • so we're not a hundred percent sure  of where we are or where we're going  


  • shake your little push on the catwalk


  • okay i can come back tomorrow and do it  again that's how much fun it was like  


  • in terms of the wow factor 10 out of 10.  

    驚嘆的因素10的 樂趣 10.

  • well good morning guys good morning guys greetings  once again from paradise paradise we are back in  


  • los glaciates national park in patagonia argentina  yeah we enjoyed it so much on the day when we did  


  • that boat excursion to visit the glaciers that we  knew we wanted to come back and do a bit of hiking  

    乘船遊覽我們知道的冰川 的那天非常享受 我們想回來做一些徒步旅行

  • and see the glacier from a different vantage  point as well exactly and basically to have  


  • a whole day to kind of just admire it up close  yes this is probably the more classic option of  

    一整天的時間來近距離欣賞它是的,這可能是 觀看它 的更經典的選擇

  • seeing it isn't it yeah so basically we arranged  our own transportation we booked the bus from el  

    是的,所以基本上我們自己安排了交通我們預訂了從 阿根廷巴塔哥尼亞埃爾卡拉法特到國家公園

  • calafate patagonia argentina here to the national  park uh we left town at nine in the morning got  

    的巴士 呃我們早上九點離開小鎮大約 10 點 30

  • here like 10 30 and we've got free time we're  on our own schedule until four in the afternoon  

    分到達 這裡,我們有空閒時間我們自己的時間表直到四點之後中午

  • when the bus returns back to town yeah exactly the  price of the ticket was a thousand two hundred so  

    巴士回城時 是的 車票的價格是 1200

  • twenty dollars for a return trip basically ten  dollars each way pretty good deal and also we had  

    元 回程 20 美元 基本上單程 10 美元 非常划算而且我們不得不

  • to stop and pay for our park entrance again yes so  mine was 800 the gringo fee mine was 410. it was  

    再次停下來支付我們的公園入口 是的 所以我的是 800,外國佬的費用是 410。

  • 14 for the local fee yeah so basically like 12  bucks for you and then yeah a little less for me  

    當地費用是 14 是的,所以基本上是你 12 美元,然後對我來說少一點

  • yeah yeah exactly yeah about 12 bucks and yours is  yours is under 10. so first order of business we  

    是的,是的,是的,大約 12 美元,你的是你的,不到 10 美元。所以首先工作順序 我們

  • are going to have a quick little lunch an early  meal so that then we can focus on just hiking  

    要吃一頓簡單的午餐 早飯 這樣我們就可以專注於遠足

  • and enjoying and we're not thinking we're hungry  we're hungry so we'll take it it's always it's  

    和享受 我們不會認為我們餓了 我們餓了所以我們會接受 它總是它

  • always about food with us as you guys probably  know by now but um yeah so we're gonna it looks  


  • like there's a nice restaurant up there reviews  and uh let's go eat and then we hike then we hike  


  • early lunch and we are eating at the restaurant  the only restaurant you can eat at in this entire  

    早點吃午飯,我們在餐廳吃飯整個 地區

  • area um beautiful inside views of the glacier  out the window and what we decided to do  

    唯一可以吃的餐廳, 嗯,漂亮,我窗外冰川的側面景色以及我們決定

  • well we were a bit hungry that's the main reason  we're eating here but the other bit of strategy  

    做得好的我們有點餓這是我們在這裡吃飯的主要原因但 涉及

  • involved is that we think a lot of the people who  got off the bus will be walking for a while so the  

    的另一點策略 是我們認為很多人下車會走一會兒,所以

  • crabs will disperse a little bit so we ordered two  different sandwiches which we're sharing half each  


  • we've got chicken and we've got lamb and we also  ordered a very decadent looking brownie exciting  

    我們有雞肉和羊肉,我們還點了一個看起來很頹廢的布朗尼 激動人心的

  • times should also mention here that you can  order a set course lunch but we're just looking  


  • for something quick to eat so that we can get to  the hiking that's fine that's why we're here guys  


  • all right guys full bellies and we are ready to go  ready to begin our little hike so let's get to it

    們,伙計們,我們準備好了準備開始我們的小遠足,所以讓我們開始吧, 所以我們實際上並沒有費心

  • so we didn't actually bother grabbing a map of  the trails the trail system the trail network  

    去拿 一張小徑地圖 小徑系統 小徑網絡

  • so we're not a hundred percent sure of where  we are or where we're going but we can't see  

    所以我們不能百分百確定我們在哪里或我們要去哪裡 但是我們看不到

  • the perito moreno glacier in front of us  and i feel like we're approaching it when  


  • in doubt follow the glacier also this is like  the yellow brick road we're right on the uh  

    有疑問時沿著冰川 接近它 也這就像黃磚路我們就在呃

  • we're right on the official pathway here  oh you know what this trail has blue dots  


  • oh i just realized i think maybe they're  color-coded there we go so yeah we're winging  


  • it guys winging it we're winging it but that's  something to consider maybe stop at the info point  


  • you can formulate a plan our priorities are always  a little messed up in terms of getting food a  


  • little shake your little tush on the catwalk oh  no shake my little catwalk is that how the song  


  • goes you know the lyrics better than i do oh my  gosh i can't believe we heard that song recently  


  • it's been stuck in your head for like weeks who  is it who sings it right said fred right said fred


  • bad early 90s music and we are here oncatwalk shake your little fish on the catwalk


  • los glaciatas national park is located in the  province of santa cruz and it is argentina's  

    los glaciatas國家公園位於聖克魯斯省,它是阿根廷的

  • largest national park the landscapes here  range from patagonian steppe to magellanic  


  • subpolar forest with plenty of glaciers  and icebergs thrown in for good measure  


  • the park gets its name from  the giant ice cap which feeds  

    的 公園從巨大冰蓋其中飼料

  • a total of 47 glaciers including the  world famous perito moreno glacier

    共有47個冰川,包括世界著名的莫雷諾冰川 有很多登山參與人作為

  • there's a lot of climbing involved guys as an fyi  lots of stairs in this national park totally worth  

    它的名字 僅供參考 在這個國家公園裡有很多樓梯完全值得

  • it for the views but be warned you will be out of  breath if your fitness level isn't great who knew  


  • there'd be fitness requirements maybe we wouldn't  have had the brownie probably the brownie did us  


  • in um but yeah we're getting closer to the glacier  perito moreno and i also just overheard a guide  

    在嗯但是是的我們越來越接近冰川 perito moreno 我也只是無意中聽到一位導遊

  • say that if you really want to see like chunks  of ice and breaking off the glacier and falling  


  • into the lake then noon is a good time because  the heat of day melts some of the ice away so  


  • you get some spectacular action oh my  getting the flowers getting those flowers


  • los glossianes national park is hands down one  of the most impressive places that sam and i have  


  • ever visited and we couldn't recommend it more  highly this glacier right here is the reason  


  • why so many people travel all the way down to  southern patagonia we spent hours walking along  


  • the boardwalks and viewing the glacier from  various vantage points and it was pure magic  

    木板路 散步, 從各個有利位置觀看冰川,它是純粹的魔法

  • this glacier measures 5 kilometers in length along  its front and it is 60 meters tall however if you  

    這條冰川的正面長 5 公里,高 60 米,但是如果你

  • also count the depth of the ice beneath the water  its height is closer to 170 meters perito moreno  

    還計算水下冰層的深度,它的高度接近 170 米 perito moreno

  • is also one of the few advancing glaciers in the  world so that alone is reason enough to visit


  • do


  • do


  • we are now doing a section of the boardwalk that  goes through the forest which is a nice change  


  • because it's not so cold and windy here also  there's a bit more separation between the crowds  


  • yes we're at the point of the track now there's  a little bit more effort involved yes so what's  


  • upstairs not as many people coming here um i've  personally found the glaciers have become more  


  • and more impressive the higher the vantage point  yeah keep climbing you see the sheer scale of it  


  • how it just goes on as far as the eye can see  really up until the top of the mountain peak  


  • so so impressive and when you can see the top of  perito moreno like that's amazing it totally is oh  


  • in terms of what to wear guys i will say bundle  up yeah so it's a lot colder here than it is  

    裡比加拉帕戈斯的大時代 冷得多,這裡 的風因素很重要,帶上一些手套 ,這是我們訪問的結束太難過了,這是一個美好的一天,當

  • in galapagos big time and the wind factor  is is significant here bring some mittens

    我第一次聽說我們在這裡有這麼多時間 時,我感到非常驚訝,

  • that is it that is the end of our visit so sad it  was such a good day i'm i'm totally surprised when  


  • i first heard that we had this much time here  it's like how are we going to fill the time  


  • what are we going to do for what are we going to  do i didn't realize how extensive the boardwalk  

    有不同的電路 有不同的路段 不同的小徑 我沒有

  • is how there's different circuits how there's  different sections of it different trails i didn't  

    意識到會有多少觀景點 我也沒有意識到你知道我們可以

  • realize how many lookout points there would bealso didn't realize you know we could just have  


  • a nice leisurely lunch here it just ended up being  a beautiful day yeah and we didn't feel rushed but  


  • we had just enough time to go everywhere and take  it in and as we were walking back we were taking  

    休息 了 更多,只是坐下來親眼欣賞冰川,我們把 相機 放

  • more rests and just kind of sitting down and  admiring the glacier with our own eyes we put the  

    了一會兒,是的就像 公園裡 的步道系統一樣,這是一件非常好的事情

  • cameras away for a little while yeah and that's a  really nice thing about this like system of trails  


  • here in the park is that they do have a lot of  benches along the way especially in the balconies  


  • and the lookout points so there's plenty of space  to just take a break after you've been climbing  

    爬樓梯 了一段時間呀,很多人只是有長凳上,他們的野餐

  • stairs for a while yeah and a lot of people  were just having their picnics on the benches  


  • like people brought their own food yeah when you  first get here to the park they give you a little  

    塑料袋,他們讓你知道你需要拿出你自己的垃圾,因為 他們 很難

  • plastic bag and they let you know you need to take  out your own trash because it's very difficult for  


  • them to like remove everything we're so isolated  out here yeah i mean that's a great system  


  • just be everyone should be reliant on cleaning  up their own their own trash and taking it back  


  • and the one thing i would suggest too is like  if you see a certain pocket or section where  


  • there are a few too many people a little bit more  than than what you'd like just linger back or take  

    另一條路線,令人驚訝的是它是多麼容易友善逃離 你會遇到 的少數人群

  • an alternate route and it's surprising how easy  it is to kind of escape the few pockets of crowds  

    是的 是的 老實說,當我們四處走動時,我並不覺得它

  • you'll encounter yeah yeah yeah honestly when we  were walking around i i didn't feel like it was  

    太擁擠或人太多,嗯,這很棒,老實說是完美的, 我想要 的另一

  • too crowded or there were too many people um it  was great it was perfect honestly and the other  


  • thing i wanted to mention is the the little boat  trip that you can do from the park um to get up  

    接近 perito moreno 這與我們所做的旅行不同,是的,我們進行了一次廣泛的

  • close to perito moreno this is a different trip  from the one that we did yeah we did an extensive  


  • cruise this is just like you literally get on  the boat yeah they give you uh a loop and they  

    帶你回去 是的,這是一艘小得多的船隻,但如果你想省錢,而且你只想

  • take you back yeah it's a much smaller vessel  but if you want to save some money and you just  


  • want to get up close to one glacier you can do  that and you can just book it once you get here  


  • so as soon as you get off the bus there's a little  hut where you can buy your tickets for the boat  

    我相信每天有 3 趟班次 這是我從我們的巴士司機那裡聽到的

  • excursion i believe there are three departures  per day that's what i heard from our bus driver  

    是的 這是你可以在國家公園這裡的另一種體驗是的 絕對是

  • and yeah that's another experience you can have  here in the national park yeah absolutely and  

    我必須說的我很高興我們沒有船巡航,這完全 不同的經驗,

  • to wrap things up i have to say i'm really glad  we did both the boat cruise and this completely  

    這兩個 我的意思是我喜歡這一個特別僅僅是緩慢的步伐

  • different experiences i mean what i liked about  this one in particular is just the the slow pace  


  • to it and the different vantage points yeah  just taking it in slowly over the whole day  

    的男人兩者都是強烈推薦的體驗 ii 明天可以再來,然後再做一次

  • man both are highly recommended experiences  i i could come back tomorrow and do it again  

  • that's how much fun it was like in terms  of the wow factor 10 out of 10. 10 out of  

    這就是 10 分之 10 的令人驚嘆的因素。訪問

  • 10 people 10 out of 10 guys this is just  an incredible incredible place to visit  

    你必須來看看它來到阿根廷並看到它 在這裡

  • you have to come and see it come to argentina  and see the best of what it has to offer  

    提供的最好的東西 還有一點我想提給任何有行動不便的人

  • right here and one more point i want to  mention for anyone who has mobility issues  


  • they actually have elevators for you to like  move around the different levels and they have  

    如果您坐在輪椅上 ,他們有 非常寬的坡道,所以不要認為您將無法參觀或

  • really wide ramps in case you're on a wheelchair  so don't think you won't be able to visit or get  


  • around or enjoy it like they've really set it  up very well um so yeah that's another thing to  


  • mention and guys what a fun episode this was  for us i hope you enjoyed watching and we'll  

    有更多來自 el calafate patagonia argentina 的劇集即將上映,

  • have a couple more episodes from el calafate  patagonia argentina coming out soon coming soon


  • so


  • you

so we're not a hundred percent sure  of where we are or where we're going  



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巴塔哥尼亞的PERITO MORENO冰川 + 徒步LOS GLACIARES國家公園(El Calafate, 阿根廷)。 (Patagonia's PERITO MORENO Glacier + Hiking LOS GLACIARES National Park (El Calafate, Argentina))

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