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  • I like to keep my audience up to date on what's

  • going on in the world.

  • So today, I want to talk about how amateur investors have

  • exploited the stock market to topple hedge fund managers.


  • No, I'm kidding.


  • I'm going to show you some cute baby goat videos.


  • No, I'm double kidding.

  • I am going to talk about the stock market.

  • So if you've watched the news lately,

  • I'm sure you've heard of GameStop.

  • A bunch of hedge fund managers were short selling its stock,

  • so some investors on Reddit used an app called Robinhood to buy

  • shares and drive up the price.

  • And somehow, Elon Musk is involved.

  • He's the guy who invents spaceships, and smokes,

  • refur with Joe Rogan, OK?


  • Now, I'll be honest, I don't understand really any of this.

  • So I did some research.

  • So first, I Googled what is short selling.


  • And then I Googled what is a hedge fund.

  • And then, I Googled what is GameStop.


  • Then I Googled what is Reddit.


  • And then, finally I Googled is it true

  • that Coca-Cola used to have cocaine in it,

  • just because I was curious.


  • Because someone mentioned it.

  • Anyway, I think I have it figured out.

  • So here's the thing.

  • GameStop is a store at a mall.

  • It's between the Claire's and the Orange Julius.


  • And they sell video games like, Pong, or Frogger,

  • or whatever the kids are playing.

  • And because their stock wasn't doing well,

  • billionaires were short selling it.

  • Short selling is where you borrow a stock,

  • sell it for a high price, and then buy it back,

  • and return it for a low price.

  • Sounds confusing.

  • But it's kind of like what I do with the China

  • at Oprah's house.

  • So what I do is I go over, and I'll

  • steal a plate or two, maybe some silverware.

  • And then I'll post it on eBay and say, Oprah own this.

  • And then, I'll get like 100 bucks for it,

  • or something like that.

  • And then I'll go to Target, and I'll

  • buy the same plate similar for $5.


  • And then the next time I'm at Oprah's house,

  • I'll just put it in the cabinet and then I'll keep the profit.


  • That's with the hedge fund managers

  • were doing with the stocks.


  • Thank you.

  • A simple way to explain it.

  • But when the people started buying GameStop,

  • and then the prices went up, the hedge funds

  • started losing money.

  • So this app Robinhood stop people

  • from buying it, which made a lot of people

  • angry because it might have been illegal,

  • kind of like stealing me Oprah's plates.


  • OK, now you're caught up.

  • In case anybody brings it up in a conversation,

  • you know exactly what's going on.

  • And you're ready to start investing,

  • and I'm ready to start the show.

I like to keep my audience up to date on what's


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Ellen Show - Ellen 解釋 GameStop 股票戲劇化現象(Ellen Explains the GameStop Stock Market Drama)

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