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  • Ed Sheeran is living out his childhood dream as he just became a shirt sponsor of the Ipswich Town Football Club with brand new merch.

  • But does this new sports attire reveal more about Ed's upcoming musical plans?

  • Let's get into it.

  • Ed Sheeran's fanboy dreams just came true as he was recently announced as the newest sponsor of the Ipswich Town Football Club (AKA 'soccer club' for those of you living in different hemispheres).

  • It's a foundation that's been near and dear to his heart since childhood.

  • No seriously, ever since Ed was a wee little lad, he was a big football fan, and even shared this adorable photo of himself earlier this morning to prove it, telling fans quote: "This bloke is the new sponsor of @ipswichtown football club. Do well."

  • And for those of you who don't know, the Ipswich Town football team play in the third tier of English football and last played in the Premier League in 2002.

  • Ed previously opened up about the county, Suffolk, where Ipswich is located, describing it as quote, "very much where I call home."

  • So, this collaboration was surely a no-brainer for Ed.

  • He's set to sponsor the front of Ipswich Town's shirts next season, as the official Twitter account shared a photo of the t-shirt prototype, which contains symbols that look oddly familiar to some of Ed's previous musical masterpieces.

  • Ed's name immediately began trending on Twitter as longtime fans noticed that the symbols each represent, "plus," "minus," "equal," "divide," and "multiply," AKA the names of three of his past albums, andmaybe even his next two?

  • "Plus" was Ed's debut studio album, released back in 2011 and was later followed by "multiply" and "divide" in 2014 and 2017.

  • The album was home to so many of his most notable songs today, including "The A Team" and "Give Me Love."

  • Oh, and can we just take a second to give Ron Weasley a mention for starring in the "Lego House" music video?!

  • All wizards aside, we're here to talk about Ed's cryptic t-shirt meaning for his upcoming sponsorship and the fact that the word 'TOUR' is imprinted directly below each of the symbols, which now entertains the question of, "Did Ed just announce a new era of music?"

  • Some fans seem to think that he's about to drop his next album to be called "Minus" for obvious reasons, like this user who predicted, "I'm guessing 'Equals' is his collaborations project he released in 2019."

  • "This new album would be named 'Minus'."

  • Others are convinced that an "Equal" album would be a record full of his greatest hits, although this user was hopeful that, "We get two albums just like Taylor.”

  • Ed's Wikipedia page also gave away a small detail down in his albums section, where the album 'Minus' is actually listed as one that will be released later this year!

  • Although not much was revealed about the meaning of the t-shirts, Ed did tease that quote, "All will be revealed in time.” 

  • After taking the past two years off from music to focus on his family after welcoming he and his wife Cherry's now-8-month-old daughter, Lyra, Ed seems to be itching to take the stage once again.

  • So, my friends, we can subtract time from our wait!

  • See what I did there

  • I know it's called "Minus," but you get the picture

  • For all the details on Ed's recent performance where breaks down singing about his daughter, click right over here for another Clevver news video, but maybe grab some tissues for this one.

  • And then let me know in the comments all your thoughts on Ed's cryptic new sporting merch.

  • And do you think his new album is under way?

  • For now guys, I'm your host Carly Henderson, and I'll see you soon.

Ed Sheeran is living out his childhood dream as he just became a shirt sponsor of the Ipswich Town Football Club with brand new merch.


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What Ed Sheeran's Cryptic T-Shirt Says About NEW MUSIC!

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