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  • as we change our consciousness, we change the chemistry of our blood, which in turn is what controls our genetic behavior.


  • So the issue is can a positive thought have a positive influence on the body and there's this Absolutely it can for a very simple reason when we have a positive thought.

    是以,問題是積極的思想能否對身體產生積極的影響,有這樣一個 絕對可以,原因很簡單,當我們有一個積極的思想。

  • The secretions of the brain that go into the blood are all secretions that enhance the vitality of ourselves and the maintenance of our body.


  • Now, you say, is that really true?


  • Does belief actually influences?


  • And I go, well for nearly 100 years, medicine has recognized the value of something called the placebo effect?


  • The placebo effect is what the concept of a positive outcome from some experience that controls the outcome.


  • So, for example, a person is suffering from an illness and their doctor says, listen, I have this brand new drug, the greatest latest thing from the pharmaceutical industry.


  • And it's even colored purple because it's so much more effective.


  • And if you take this drug, it's going to resolve the issues you have in your health Well, if you take that drug based on what the doctor just said in the belief the doctor just offered you take the drug and then you get well and you say yes, oh my goodness.

    如果你服用這種藥物,它將解決你在健康方面的問題 那麼,如果你根據醫生剛剛說的信念服用這種藥物,醫生剛剛提出讓你服用這種藥物,然後你康復了,你說是的,我的天啊。

  • The drug healed me.


  • But later find out the drug was nothing more than a sugar pill.


  • Well, the significance is then what healed you.


  • The answer is not the sugar pill.


  • So what else is left?


  • The belief in the sugar pill healed you?


  • The positive belief that you hold when you take that drug that's called the placebo effect.


  • An interesting fact, over one third of all medical involvement.


  • The positive outcome is not due to the medical process itself, but is due to the placebo effect where the patient believes whatever treatment they're getting is actually going to heal them.


  • And this is profoundly significant because it's another way of understanding mastery over your biology.


  • The biology of belief in this case.


  • The biology of a positive thought is what will ultimately control your health.


  • The relevance again is very simple is that a positive belief releases positive chemistry from the brain that goes through the body and the blood, and this chemistry in the blood is what controls our health and our vitality and our happiness.


  • So the issue is, does positive belief actually work Now, a lot of people question that, but the truth is, hey, it's been 100 years since the placebo effect has been discovered, and since then more and more research has revealed the emphasis of the nature of belief and the nature of a positive thought and creating a blood chemistry which activates the genes for health and keeps us vital and happy.

    是以,問題是,積極的信念是否真的有效 現在,很多人質疑這一點,但事實是,嘿,自從發現安慰劑效應以來,已經有100年了,從那時起,越來越多的研究揭示了信念的本質和積極思想的本質的重點,創造一種血液化學,激活健康的基因,讓我們保持活力和快樂。

  • Yeah.


as we change our consciousness, we change the chemistry of our blood, which in turn is what controls our genetic behavior.



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你的思想的力量和安慰劑效應的解釋--布魯斯-利普頓 (The Power of Your Thoughts and The Placebo Effect Explained - Bruce Lipton)

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