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  • Today is an event that is the first of its kind.

  • I was thrilled to have my first Gates Notes Deep Dive.

  • The new initiative where select groups of students

  • are nominated by their universities to meet with Bill

  • and participate in content briefings from subject matter experts.

  • Let's welcome someone to the virtual stage

  • who is even more passionate about data than I am.

  • Bill, welcome.

  • Hi.

  • Education is something that I'm dying to learn how we can do better,

  • both as a country and in terms of who the Foundation is backing.

  • Our Foundation is trying to build data visualizations

  • that help people in the education sector

  • find best practices, to understand the trends.

  • It all began with this question

  • What is the value of a college degree?”

  • Love that.

  • Guided Insight leverages said student-level, enrollment

  • and graduation data to get actionable insights into the field.

  • And it was thrilling to not only see a demonstration

  • of some of the early tools that are emerging

  • to help students, and teachers, and policy makers,

  • but also to engage in a dialogue with young people

  • who are going to take this forward.

  • Thank you! Good to be here.

  • They asked great questions.

  • Hi, everyone. Hi, Bill.

  • I have a broader question around big data

  • and technologies across the lifespan.

  • They're the ones who are going to help us

  • design the tools in the right way

  • and use it to really improve not only overall educational levels,

  • but also the inequities in our educational system.

  • This is a new data tool we put together

  • over the course of the last year or so.

  • It can be used to help guide some actionable policy making

  • at the local policymaker level.

  • As you can see on the visualization,

  • this approach has been incredibly successful.

  • Young people like that have an aspiration to make it far better.

  • How do we dismantle many of our notions

  • of normative demographics?

  • What kinds of knowledge does the average teacher need

  • to value these big data sets?

  • I'm very excited that we're able to back them

  • with the right tools to improve this country.

  • Welcome to our first ever Gates Notes Deep Dive.

Today is an event that is the first of its kind.


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數據如何改善教育(Gates Notes Deep Dive: How data can improve education)

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