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  • Hi.

  • Welcome back.


  • He's known for his impersonations and manic stand up,


  • but he also shines in dramatic roles.


  • Welcome to,


  • and today we'll be counting down our picks for Robin Williams top 10 performances.


  • I do voices.


  • Yes!


  • Number ten.


  • Armand Goldman, "The Birdcage."

    Armand Goldman 《鳥籠》

  • You'd think a movie this screwball would be licensed for Williams to showcase his brand of manic comedy,

    你會覺得這麼神經質的電影 應該是特許威廉斯展現他神經質的喜劇風格

  • but no,


  • he turns in a restrained performance as a drag club owner whose son is marrying into an ultra conservative family.

    他轉而用一種內斂的演出 飾演兒子「嫁入」保守家庭的變裝女王俱樂部老闆

  • Oh God, it's a nightmare.

    天呀 這是個噩夢

  • Opposite Nathan Lane's screaming Queen,

    與奈森‧連恩飾演的吵鬧變裝女王相對 (註:羅賓‧威廉斯與奈森‧連恩在本片中飾演一對同性戀夫婦,前面所提的兒子則是威廉斯所飾Armand與前妻生的小孩)

  • Williams is the straight man, pun intended, who blends comedy and kindness.

    威廉斯是個融合喜劇與關懷的正直人 當然用了雙關語 (註:Straight man可以是正直的人,也可以是非同性戀者。因為在本片中威廉斯所飾演的角色不斷假裝自己是個異性戀者)

  • Get the God Damn pinky down.

    天呀 把小指放下去

  • Make your fingers like I am, alright.

    手指像我這樣擺 可以吧

  • Stop trembling, hold the knife boldly and with strength.

    不要抖了 大膽、用力地握住刀子

  • Oh God, I pierced the toast.

    天呀 我在吐司中間「杜」了一個洞

  • While he mostly keeps himself in check, he does let fly sometimes.

    雖然他大部分的時候都保持沉穩 但他還是會「釋放本性」

  • You do an eclectic celebration of a dance!


  • You do Fosse, Fosse, Fosse!

    你跳Fosse, Fosse, Fosse (註:Bob Fosse鮑勃·福斯 美國已故的電影、舞蹈、舞台劇作家與演員)

  • You do Martha Graham, Martha Graham, Martha Graham!

    你跳Martha Graham, Martha Graham, Martha Graham (註:Martha Graham瑪莎·葛蘭姆 美國舞蹈家和編舞家,專跳現代舞,是美國早期的現代舞者)

  • Or Twyla, Twyla!

    或是Twyla, Twyla (註:Twyla Tharp崔拉.夏普 美國的現代舞舞者)

  • Number nine.


  • Seymour "Sy" Parrish, "One Hour Photo."

    Seymour "Sy" Parrish 《不速之客》

  • Williams earned rave reviews by stepping far out of character to play a photo technician who develops an unhealthy obsession with a young family.

    威廉斯贏得海嘯般的評論 當他突破性的演出一位與一個年輕家庭發展出病態迷戀的攝影技師

  • Snapshot, then, was originally a hunting term.

    快照 在那個時候 本來只是一個打獵的術語

  • The usually effervescent comedian tones himself down so much,

    這個平常活力四射的演員 將自己如此的沉靜下來

  • Sy practically disappears with a forgettable face and voice that hide his anguish and isolation.

    Sy 幾乎可以說消失在容易被遺忘的臉與聲音之中 也深深埋藏了他的苦惱與孤獨

  • By making a sympathize with this creepy character,


  • Williams proves he can channel his energy into both comedy and thrilling drama.

    威廉斯證明他可以將活力變成喜劇 或是令人戰慄的戲劇

  • - I just took pictures. - You have the right to remain silent.

    -我只是照了一張相片 - 你有權保持緘默

  • Number eight.


  • Vladimir Ivanov, "Moscow on the Hudson."

    Vladimir Ivanov 《莫斯科先生》

  • Hello, Mister, may I buy lamb chop?

    先生 你好 我可以買羊排嗎?

  • Sure thing, Mister.

    當然囉 先生

  • Flaunting his ear for accents,


  • Williams becomes a sensitive Soviet saxophonist who defects while visiting New York

    威廉斯化作一個在參訪紐約時脫逃的 感性蘇聯薩克斯風手

  • which means he completed crash courses in both Russian and sax playing.


  • Please tell me now, if I want an order, I should go back to Moscow and stand in line for bread.

    所以請你現在告訴我 假如我要點餐 我應該回到莫斯科然後排隊領麵包

  • Still bread.


  • Still Bread!


  • This early dramatic role earned Williams a Golden Globe nomination as he uses his eccentric and endearing qualities

    這個早期的戲劇角色 為威廉斯贏得一個金球獎提名 靠著他古怪但惹人喜愛的特質

  • to fad into the part of an immigrant whose confronting culture shock and the difficulties of building a new life.

    讓他融入一個面對文化衝擊 以及面對建立新生活困苦的外來移民

  • Hey you, f*** yourself.

    嘿 你 X你娘

  • OK, pal. OK, Mister.

    好的 老兄 好的 先生

  • Number seven.


  • The Genie, "Aladdin".

    神燈精靈 《阿拉丁》

  • Ten thousand years will give you such a crick in the neck.


  • Williams and cartoons are a match made in Heaven.


  • Thanks to his rapid-fire improv and stream of consciousness comedy,

    多虧他連珠炮式的即興表演 與一連串刻意的喜劇元素

  • (Alright sparky, here's the deal)

    (好吧小夥子 就這麼辦吧) (註:這邊威廉斯在模仿Jack Nicholson傑克‧尼克遜的語調與講話風格,是威廉斯擅長的模仿演出)

  • the medium allows him to zoom between impersonations, musical numbers, and improvised dialogue.

    這個表現手法讓他可以在模仿 歌唱 即興對話中任意轉換

  • In fact, most of the Genie's lines are ad-libbed.

    事實上 神燈精靈的台詞幾乎都是即興演出的

  • While kids may not get all his jokes,


  • both young and old love this movie thanks to Williams' contributions.

    但多虧威廉斯的貢獻 不管老少都愛這部電影

  • His performance was so out of this world, a special Golden Globe was created to honor him.

    他演出如此的精湛 金球獎甚至特製了一個特別獎來榮耀他

  • Your a prisoner.


  • It's all part and parcel, the whole Genie gig.

    這在精靈的演出之中 相當重要呀

  • Phenomenal, cosmic power. Ity-bity living space.

    撼動宇宙的力量 但一點點的生存空間

  • Number six.


  • Dr. Malcolm Sayer, "Awakenings."

    Malcolm Sayer醫生 《睡人》

  • In the most understated performance of his career,


  • Williams portrays a doctor who discovers a miracle drug that temporarily cures a group of catatonic patients.

    威廉斯飾演發現一種妙藥 短暫治癒一群精神分裂症病患的醫生

  • When you wake up in the morning, it'll be the next morning. I promise.

    當你明天起床 你會發現就是明天早上 我保證

  • The normally unrestrained actor is borderline geeky in this emotional real-life story.

    這個演技奔放的演員 在這個情緒化的真實故事中 遊蕩在古怪的邊界

  • His shyness and introversion are indicated by subtle body language rather than dialogue.

    他的害羞與內向 相較於對話 都透過隱晦的肢體語言表現

  • Williams uncluttered work anchors the movie and earned him another Golden Globe nod.

    威廉斯整備的演出 穩住了整個電影 也讓他再次獲得金球獎的提名

  • Your medicine could be taken away.


  • They can do that.


  • You could wake up in the morning, and it won't be there.

    你可以早上醒來 發現它不再那

  • Number five.


  • Parry, "The Fisher King."

    Parry 《奇幻城市》

  • This role was made for him.


  • You're out of your f***ing mind.


  • Bingo, come on Jack.

    答對了 來吧Jack

  • Free up the little guy.


  • Let him flap in the breeze.


  • Williams landed his third Oscar nomination and his third Golden Globe win by playing an unbalanced but kind-hearted homeless guy with a tragic past in this Terry Gilliam masterpiece.

    威廉斯在這個泰瑞‧吉連的巨作中 飾演一個精神錯亂、心地善良、背負悲劇性過往的遊民 獲得了第三次的奧斯卡提名 以及第三座金球獎

  • Let's do it right here.


  • Let's go to that place of "Splendour in the Grass."


  • Behold my magic wand and tree your golden orbs right now.

    看著我的魔杖 然後攀上你的黃金球 (註:這句話帶有性暗示)

  • Showing he can easily lean towards insanity,


  • Williams goes all-out,


  • but also shines during quiet moments.

    但在寧靜的片刻 仍是耀眼

  • I have a hard on for you the size of Florida.


  • He and Jeff Bridges both excel amid Gilliam's theatrics in this heartbreaking tale of compassion and redemption.

    他和傑夫·布里吉 都在吉連這部有關愛與救贖的心碎劇作中 出類拔萃

  • Where are you?


  • Where are you?


  • Number four.


  • Daniel Hillard, Mrs. Euphegenia Doubtfire, "Mrs. Doubtfire."

    Daniel Hillard 和 Mrs. Euphegenia Doubtfire 《窈窕奶爸》

  • Hello!


  • You'd think all that gear would be restrictive,


  • but Williams talent, dynamism, and insanity burst through the mask, wig, muddled accent, and fat suit,

    但威廉斯的才華 動感 和瘋狂 完全迸穿了那個面具 假髮 混亂的口音 與胖胖裝

  • and earned him another Golden Globe.


  • Mrs. doubtfire showcases everything we love about Robin Williams.


  • [Impersonating a monster] I want you in the worst way.

    [模仿怪獸] 我想吃你想瘋了

  • This is certainly a rough meeting and it's not going very well for me, I'll tell you that.

    我跟你說 這真是一個難熬的面談 對我來說進行的不是順利

  • And he is definitely able to sell it as both the dedicated father who'd do anything to see his kids,

    他絕對有辦法推銷這部電影 不論以他全心付出、不計代價想見到孩子的老爸身分

  • and the eccentric but strict British nanny.


  • Oh, sir.

    喔 先生

  • I saw some angry member of the kitchen staff, did you not tip them?

    我剛剛看到一個火大的廚房員工 你是忘了給小費嗎?

  • Oh, the terrorists!

    喔 是恐怖份子

  • They ran that way. It was a run-by fruiting.

    他們往那個方向跑 邊走邊丟水果

  • Number three.


  • John Keating, "Dead Poets Society."

    John Keating 《春風化雨》

  • You can also imagine, maybe, John Wayne as Macbeth going,

    你可以想像 或許 約翰·韋恩飾演馬克白這樣說: (註:John Wayne約翰·韋恩 美國早期的電影明星,奧斯卡最佳男主角獎、金球獎最佳男主角獎、金球奬終身成就獎得主,專門演西部片或是戰爭片,代表作有《驛馬車》、《雙虎屠龍》、《大地驚雷》等)

  • "Well, is this a dagger I see before me?"

    「好吧 所以我現在是看到一把匕首在我眼前嗎?」 (註:這個句子摘自莎翁的《馬克白》,威廉斯飾的Keating故意用John Wayne的口吻說古典的戲劇台詞)

  • Williams brings the classics to life as an unconventional, idealistic prof at an exclusive boarding school,

    威廉斯飾演一個在嚴格的寄宿學校教書的非傳統、理想主義教師 常將經典文學帶入生活之中

  • and earned an Oscar nod for his work.


  • "But only in their dreams can men be truly free.

    「惟於夢中 人使得自由

  • 'Twas always thus, and always thus will be."

    過往如是 而恆將如是」

  • Tennyson?

    丁尼生寫的? (註:Tennyson丁尼生 英國的桂冠詩人,詩材豐富、詩韻鏗鏘、用詞亦為富麗,善於書寫悲傷的主題)

  • No, Keating.

    不 是我說的

  • This film may not have won every critics praise,


  • but it's a high point on Williams resume that cemented his place as a dramatic force.

    但這是威廉斯影史上的高峰 鞏固了他在戲劇演員中的地位

  • At his best when he's playing against type,


  • Williams and his simple controlled performance definitely "seize the day".

    威廉斯在他樸實收斂的演出中 充分演繹「活在當下」 (註:威廉斯所飾的Keating,在第一次與學生見面時就告訴學生們要「把握當下(Carpe Diem)」)

  • "Gather ye rosebuds while ye may."


  • The Latin term for that sentiment is "Carpe Diem."

    在拉丁文中這種情壞就叫做「Carpe Diem(活在當下)」

  • Number two.


  • Adrian Cronauer, "Good Morning, Vietnam."

    Arian Cronauer 《早安越南》

  • Hey, this is not a test, this is rock'n'roll.

    嘿 這不是測試 是搖滾時間

  • This film balances the elements that make Williams great.


  • As an Army DJ during the Vietnam War,


  • he's able to go off the rails with ad-libbed monologues.

    他可以完全脫稿 即興一些獨白

  • What's the weather like out there?


  • It's hot. Damn hot! Real hot!

    很熱 天殺的熱 超熱

  • Hottest things is my shorts.


  • I could cook things in it. A little crotch pot cooking.

    我可以在裡面煮東西 一個胯下小火鍋

  • Well, can you tell me what it feels like?


  • Fool, it's hot! I told you again!

    傻子 很熱 我又說了一遍

  • Were you born on the sun?


  • It's damn hot!


  • But he also treats the seriousness of war with dignity, and brings authenticity to the role.

    但他仍以尊嚴面對戰爭的殘酷 也為角色帶來的真實性

  • His hyper energy is put to excellent use,

    他高亢的活力 被發揮到了極致

  • and for that reason this Williams' masterpiece earned him his first Oscar nod and a Golden Globe.

    因為這個原因 這部威廉斯的巨作讓他贏得了第一次的奧斯卡提名 以及一座金球獎

  • [impersonating an Intelligence Officer] We're having a major difficulty in finding the enemy.

    [模仿情報人員] 我們在鎖定敵人時發生困難

  • [as Adrian Cronauer] What do you use to look for them?

    [回到Adrian的角色] 你是用什麼方法鎖定他們?

  • [impersonating an Intelligence Officer] Well, we ask people, "Are you the enemy?"

    [模仿情報人員] 我們會問人 「你是敵人嗎?」

  • And whoever says yes, we'd shoot them.

    回答「是」的人 我們就斃了他

  • Number one.


  • Sean Maguire, "Good Will Hunting."

    Sean Maguire 《心靈捕手》

  • Williams finally took home Oscar Gold for his vital supporting role as a counselor to Matt Damon's troubled Will Hunting.

    威廉斯終於以他關鍵性的配角 贏得一座奧斯卡 其中它的角色輔導麥特‧戴蒙所飾被捲入麻煩中的威爾·杭汀

  • This film has none of the manic comedy that made him famous in "Mork and Mindy,"


  • though he did improv such hilarious dialogue he made the cameraman laugh and shape the shot.

    雖然他還是有這句即興對話 因為讓攝影師笑出來 所以被剪入影片中

  • She used to fart in the sleep.


  • I thought I’d share that with you.


  • One night it was so loud it woke the dog up.


  • Instead Williams presents the most sincere, gentle, and human performance of his career.

    相對的 威廉斯在這部電影中呈現了他生涯最中肯 溫柔 以及人性的角色

  • And look at you,


  • I don't see an intelligent, confident man.

    我看到的不是一個聰明 有自信的男人

  • I see a cocky, scared, shitless kid.

    而是一個傲慢 恐懼 沒路用的屁孩

  • Do you agree with our list?


  • What the f*** am I watching here?


  • Which is your favorite Robin Williams performance?


  • My name is Dr. Bill, I'll be your surgeon.

    我的名字是比爾醫生 我是你的外科手術師

  • Oh, there you are.

    喔 你在這呀

  • For more top 10's about your favorite actors,

    為了你喜愛的明星 更多十大首選

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  • Wait, ain't you?

    等等 你不是?

  • Peter Pan.

    彼得 潘


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