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  • Let's find out if Japanese people are honest.


  • As many of you know, I've been living in Japan for quite some time.


  • And one of the things that people often ask me is, why do I live in Japan?


  • And aside from food, one of the things that I deeply appreciate is how safe Japan is, and how generally honest people are.


  • But it's hard to explain without showing you, so I wanted to make this fun little video.


  • Let me just say though that these are one off examples.


  • Not every single experience is going to be like this and most importantly, this is simply just for entertainment purposes.


  • Don't try some of these things yourself and expect the same results.


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  • All right, let's see how honest Japanese people are.




  • So I'm here in one of the busiest places in Tokyo: Shibuya scramble crossing, and I wanted to show you what happens when you drop your wallet.


  • So I got mine right here.


  • So here's the setup at the crossing and here's my super duper bright green wallet.


  • And to make it interesting, here's the Japanese $100 equivalent: 10,000 yen going inside.

    為了增加趣味性,我還在裡面放了在日本相當於 100 美元的 10000 日元大鈔進去。

  • We'll be zooming into this area and here we go with the first attempt.


  • Boom, the fumbled wallet drop! Japanese person quickly spots it and goes after me for the return.


  • And there you go, life back to normal.


  • All right, that was easy.


  • So I just dropped my wallet back and the 10,000 yen is still here.

    我剛剛弄丟了錢包,拿回來之後,10000 日元大鈔還在裡面。



  • So this one is quite interesting. What you'll find in Tokyo and many parts of Japan is that a lot of people will take their belongings and use it to hold their seats, sometimes even using their valuables.


  • So today I've got my iPhone and MacBook to hold my seat.

    所以今天我拿了我的 iPhone 和 MacBook 來佔位。

  • Let's see what happens.


  • So here we go, iPhone and MacBook on the table for everyone to see. easily worth over $1,000.

    開始了,我直接把 iPhone 和 MacBook 擺在桌子上讓大家看,總價值輕輕鬆鬆超過 1000 美元。

  • Initial setup complete. Now let's go get my drink.


  • Nice! Looks like it's still here after a few minutes.


  • I'll have a quick drink, open up my laptop so it's even more visible.


  • Now let's try a little bit longer.


  • Speed up the time.


  • Valuables and drink holding steady!


  • While we're waiting for someone to steal my computer, I wanted to mention --during the wallet drop-- in 2019 in Tokyo alone, there are about 4.5 million items turned into the lost and found.

    再等待有人來偷走我的電腦的同事,讓我趁機提一下我原本想在弄丟錢包環節那邊想提的知識。在 2019 年,光是東京就有大約 450 萬件物品被送到失物招領處。

  • While only one million people reported that they lost an item, meaning there's a lot of honest people in Tokyo as well as a lot of unclaimed items sitting in the lost and found.

    而僅有 100 萬人向失物招領處表示自己有東西遺失。這代表東京充滿了誠實的人們,還有一堆被放置在失物招領處,無人問津的各種物品。

  • Oh and in Japan, If someone turns in money to the police, the person by law has a right to demand 5 to 20% of the money from the owner whose money was returned, but apparently almost no one ever claims it.

    另外,在日本如果有人把錢交給警察,根據法律,該人有權向錢被原失主索要 5-20% 的獎金,但顯然幾乎沒有人這麼做過。

  • That's honesty without reward.


  • Anyway, time to get back to my seat.


  • And there you go! Just under 18 minutes and my valuables are still there.

    你看看!過了快 18 分鐘,我的貴重物品還在原本的位置上。

  • That's a relief!


  • Onto the next example.




  • Have you ever wondered what it would be like to leave your bike unlocked in the middle of the city?


  • Let's go find out.


  • So here's the setup: plenty of bikes parked on the side of the street, all locked up, and this is your standard busy street in Tokyo during the middle of the day.


  • And look, there's even a locked bike parked at the railing.


  • Okay, here we go! Park my bike like this.


  • I'll leave the bike lock on the basket so it's obvious that the bike is unlocked, and now let's see what happens.


  • Fast forward a bit.


  • Looks like no one's interested at all.


  • Maybe should have had a more expensive bike.


  • While we wait for a thief, let me share some information with you.


  • In 2020, Japan had a 20,797 stolen bikes reported.

    在 2020 年,全日本共有 20797 輛腳踏車被偷的案件。

  • While in Tokyo alone there were 31,937 bike stolen, making it the number one reported crime in Japan year over year.

    而僅在東京就有 31937 輛腳踏車被偷,使其成為日本每年報案數最高的犯罪。

  • Unfortunately, the police were only able to catch 7.9% of the thieves, so I'm hoping today I don't become part of that statistic.

    不幸的是,警方只抓到了 7.9% 的竊賊。所以我希望我今天不會成為這個統計數字的一部分。

  • Oh well there you go, more than 16 minutes later and the bike is still here.

    好的,超過 16 分鐘過去了,腳踏車還在原位上。

  • Could have done the test for a little bit longer, but I think you get the point.


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  • That's it! Let's continue on with this video.




  • So just in the middle of the city, the honor system is still alive and well. Let me just show you around this corner.


  • So just right here as you can see they have farm fresh vegetables, and there's no one here attending this place. Basically you have to pay on the honor system.


  • Looks like 1, 5 and 10 yen coins are not accepted here, but at least they've got some fresh vegetables at the stand.

    看來這裡不收 1、5 和 10 日元的硬幣,但至少他們在攤位上有一些新鮮的蔬菜。

  • Let me show you how it all works.


  • Select five veggie, bust out a coin, and deposit my money.


  • There you go. It's as easy as that.




  • So I've saved the best for last. This is one of my favorite spots that I just recently discovered.


  • It's a 24 hour self-service and beer shop in Ebisu that serves beer on draft.

    這是一家位於惠比壽的 24 小時自助服務啤酒吧,提供現倒生啤酒。

  • Let me show you.


  • So they do have food and merch, but we're here for the beer.


  • Luckily, they accept all sorts of payment types.


  • Grab a cup.


  • I can use QR code, or just pay with a credit card.

    我可以掃 QR 碼,或是直接拿信用卡付款。

  • So I got my cup, time to pour the beer!


  • Now, pour an honest beer.


  • How many of you could do this at 2 a.m. in the morning!


  • There you go! I've just poured the perfect beer and like I said earlier, the best part about this place is that it's 24/7.

    就是這樣!我剛剛倒出了完美的啤酒。就像我之前說的,這家店最讚的地方是他 24 小時全年無休。

  • So you can come here at 2 a.m. In the morning, 3 a.m... You can come here whatever time you want, and they have a draft beer ready to go and it's all on the honor system.

    所以你可以凌晨兩三點來... 你可以在任何時候過來,隨時享用生啤酒,而且一切都以誠實商店的方式運作。

  • How awesome is that?


  • So what did you think of these examples? How does it compare to your country?


  • Again, these examples were just for fun, and to be completely honest, I have had my bike stolen here a long, long time ago.


  • I left it unlocked at my Shibuya apartment parking garage, and over the night, it was stolen!


  • So always use your best judgment before you decide to do something like leave your valuables unattended at a table.


  • At the same time, I personally dropped my wallet on the street or left it on the train, and it has been returned to me so, go figure.


  • So I hope you enjoyed this video.


  • If you did, help me out and hit that like button! If you guys want to see more videos like this, or anything related to Japan, hit that subscribe button and the bell button and I'll catch you guys in the next one.


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