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  • hi everyone jennifer from tarle speech with your  pronunciation question we have three words today  

    大家好,來自Tarle Speech的Jennifer帶著你的發音問題,我們今天有三個詞。

  • mass which is a weight or a religious celebration  mask which is a face covering and mosque which is  

    彌撒是一種重量或宗教慶祝活動 面具是一種面罩,清真寺是一種

  • a place of worship so let's go ahead and take  a look at these words so we have mass mask and  


  • mosques all of these words start with the m sound  to do that lips together air is moving out of your  


  • nose for that m for mass and mask we are going  to add that open short ah vowel it's that very  


  • american ah to do this think about opening your  mouth in a wide circle you can see i actually  


  • drew a little face there to help you remember  mouth is open in a wide circle that will allow  


  • you to get your tongue low in your mouth in  the front and high and pulled up in the back  


  • and then we're going to add the ass sound to do  this tip of the tongue is down or behind the top  


  • front teeth just it's not touching and the air is  going to continue to move out of your mouth mass  


  • mass mass mass now for mask what you're going  to do is end with that k to do that tip of the  


  • tongue is pointed down back of the tongue is  pulled up air puffs out of your mouth my tip  

    舌尖朝下 舌背朝上 空氣從你口中噴出 我的舌尖

  • is take it slowly from that s to the k and you  will be able to do it let's give that a try um


  • mask


  • mask mask mask mask now for mosque  we're going to do the open short  

    面具 面具 面具 現在我們要做的是清真寺的開放性短。

  • ah sound and to do this think of having your  mouth in an oval shape in doing that that will  


  • help you get your tongue in the correct spot the  tip of your tongue again is going to be down in  


  • the back of your tongue is going to be pulled up  by changing the shape of your mouth that limits  


  • the space inside of your mouth for your tongue to  go and that helps you get into the correct space  


  • so again this is my little  reminder here open oval shape ah  


  • then move to that s and then end with  the k let's put it all together slowly


  • mosque mosque mosque let's give  them all a try mass mass mass  

    清真寺 清真寺 清真寺 讓我們讓他們都來試試 大規模 大規模

  • mask mask mask mosque mosque mosque one more time  mass mask and mosque and now for a sentence due  

    面具 面具 清真寺 清真寺 清真寺 再來一次大規模的面具和清真寺,現在是一個句子,由於

  • to the pandemic people now have to wear a mask  to the mosque or to mass due to the pandemic  


  • people now have to wear a mask to the mosque or to  mask give it a try people are going to notice the  


  • difference if you found this helpful we'd love  a like a share and a subscribe check out our  


  • products on google play and itunes and our classes  at tarle speech thanks everyone have a great week

    在google play和itunes上的產品,以及我們在tarle speech的課程,感謝大家,祝你們有一個美好的一週。

hi everyone jennifer from tarle speech with your  pronunciation question we have three words today  

大家好,來自Tarle Speech的Jennifer帶著你的發音問題,我們今天有三個詞。


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B1 中級 中文 清真寺 面具 舌尖 舌頭 大規模 橢圓形

如何給MASS, MASK, MOSQUE發音 - 英語發音課程 (How to Pronounce MASS, MASK, MOSQUE - English Pronunciation Lesson)

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