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  • Jerk Gennosuke is already late for an hour

  • I even gave him a morning call WTF

  • Hey~

  • Jerk Gennosuke! What took you so long?

  • What the hell were you doing?

  • I was sleeping at home

  • I just felt like staying in bed for an extra hour

  • Why?

  • Jerk Gennosuke!

  • There are three fries left

  • Let's split fairly. One for each person.

  • Why are you laughing?

  • I already hidden three fries earlier.

  • Jerk Gennosuke!

  • Hey, give me my power bank back!

  • I have only 10% left in my phone battery. What is your battery percentage?

  • I have only 2%

  • Are you messing with me? You have 90% left!

  • Jerk Gennosuke!

  • Why is your bottle in my bag?

  • No wonder my bag was so heavy

  • Jerk Gennosuke!

  • Why are we not moving? Is there something wrong with this boat?

  • That is weird... Come on! Pedal it forward

  • What are you doing?

  • You have not been peddling at all?

  • What?

  • yep

  • Jerk Gennosuke!

  • Stop, stop

  • If he doesn't pedal, no one pedals.

  • What's wrong with you

  • Are you done yet?

  • We were stuck there for over 30 minutes

  • All because of you

  • We are still far from the wharf

  • You'll pay if they charge us for late return

  • Jerk Gen...

  • If you dare rub that GD hand again


  • Jerk Gennosuke seems frustrated

  • Come on, let's talk to him

  • Come on

  • Don't be sad

  • Alright, I'm sorry

  • Let me buy you a drink

  • or I'll pay for the dinner

  • How about spaghetti?

  • How about we go to a steakhouse?

  • I want this one

  • What the F...

  • You were planning for all of this?

  • Jerk Gennosuke!

Jerk Gennosuke is already late for an hour


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