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  • Hi friends, this is Alison with Millennial Moms.

  • Today I've got two guest helpers. What's your name?

  • Bridges

  • -Makayla. -And Makayla, these are my two daughters.

  • And I'm gonna give them a challenge today.

  • Today they are going to see if they can do some no bake cakes.

  • So, that's today's challenge, think you can do it?

  • Of course!

  • Yeah?

  • Yeah.

  • All right, don't forget to subscribe below.

  • And give us a big... Thumbs up!

  • Thumbs up, all right let's get started.

  • Let's make this interesting.

  • We will leave the base and the center the same, but get four different kinds of cake.

  • Starting with the base first.

  • It is made out of Oreos, yummy!

  • Put an entire pack of Oreos in a blender.

  • If they don't mix easily, stop the blender, and move it around with a wooden spoon.

  • Repeat until the Oreos are broken into small chunks.

  • A food processor will also work.

  • Pour out the chunks of goodness into a bowl.

  • Add 1/4 cup of melted butter and two tablespoons of sugar.

  • Sugar plus sugar equals delicious!

  • Then stir this bad boy up.

  • When it's all stirred up, scoop the cookie mixture into the bottom of a mini cake liner.

  • And press, and press, and press those cookies down.

  • Aw, aren't those the cutest little cookie bottoms you've ever seen?

  • Then you're gonna add your cream cheese, your heavy cream, your sugar, and even more sugar, the powdered kind.

  • Put your beaters in the bowl and mix until it's nice and fluffy.

  • Remember those cute little cookie bottoms?

  • Put the creamy, sugary fluff on top of them and smooth it out.

  • Now you're at the part where making the four different kinds of cake.

  • Number one is cherry.

  • Our secret: use the can of cherry pie filling and drizzle it on the top.

  • Number two is caramel.

  • And we just used ice cream topping caramel.

  • Hey Bridge, are you making an "M" on there for me, Makayla?

  • Um, nope.

  • The third is Reese's Pieces.

  • Just chop 'em up and put them on the top.

  • Number four, last but not least we used the leftover cookie bottom and sprinkled it on the top.

  • Those are the four cakes.

  • The only problem was that Makayla snitched half of the candy toppings.

  • Four yummy cakes!

  • Oh yeah, put them in the freezer for a couple of hours before serving.

  • Cherry, Oreo, caramel, and Reese's Pieces are all better when they're frozen.

  • -Oh yeah! - Oh yeah!

  • Yep these are fabulous.

  • All right girls, was it a success?

  • -Yes -Yes

  • - Yeah?

  • Minus one little thing, we got, uh, cake in our faces.

  • Yeah, yeah I figured that.

  • Follow us on our own personal channel called How Does She.

  • Michelle was yesterday, check out her video.

  • And then we've got an awesome video tomorrow coming up.

  • So we'll see you next Friday.

  • -Bye. -Bye.

Hi friends, this is Alison with Millennial Moms.


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Cakes Kids Can Make | Alison from Millennial Moms

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