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  • Designing state-of-the-art millimeter wave products

  • whether for 5G, defense radars, or satellite communications -

  • requires expanded test systems.

  • Applications at millimeter wave frequencies require wider channel bandwidths

  • and multi-element antennas to overcome increased path loss,

  • which must be tested using over-the-air test methods.

  • Over-the-air testing has traditionally involved more test equipment, more measurement uncertainty,

  • and difficulty getting accurate and repeatable measurement results for chipsets and network equipment ...

  • ...until now.

  • Testing applications at millimeter wave frequencies is about to get much easier with Keysight’s new VXG microwave signal generator.

  • The VXG is the world’s first dual-channel, 44 GHz vector signal generator

  • with 2 GHz RF bandwidth in a single box.

  • Featuring a dual-channel architecture,

  • the VXG allows quick switching from blocker and interferer tests to dual channel MIMO and beamforming tests,

  • without ever having to touch your hardware.

  • With its ultra-low phase noise and the industry’s highest output power,

  • Keysight’s VXG overcomes over-the-air path loss challenges

  • without sacrificing error vector magnitude or adjacent channel power ratio performance.

  • The VXG together with PathWave Signal Generation

  • gives you access to a wide range of evolving standards-compliant 5G New Radio signals

  • for testing base stations, mobile terminal transmitters, and receivers with channel coding and multi-antenna support.

  • If you are designing, manufacturing, or deploying millimeter wave devices,

  • Keysight’s VXG will give you higher confidence in your device’s performance

  • faster.

  • Visit for more information.

Designing state-of-the-art millimeter wave products


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介绍新型 VXG 微波信号发生器(Introducing the New VXG Microwave Signal Generators)

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