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  • So what is the best morning routine for energy, productivity and Happiness?


  • I've studied some of the world's top achievers and figured out the seven things that they do to set their days up for success and combine those into an easy to follow morning routine.


  • I'm going to share with you right now.


  • Yeah.


  • Hey, how's it going to?


  • Thank you so much for checking out this video if you are new here, my name is Sean kennel and I'm a full time online entrepreneur and this Youtube channel is all about helping you experience abundance in every area of your life.

    如果你是新來的,非常感謝你查看這個視頻,我的名字是Sean kennel,我是一個全職的在線企業家,這個Youtube頻道是關於幫助你在你生活的每個領域體驗豐盛。

  • And today we're talking about morning routines because the key to a successful day is a successful morning.


  • You know, if I think back not too long ago, I can think of times when I've been stressed, feeling like I'm always rushed and behind feeling depressed, feeling discouraged and overwhelmed and I found that a solid morning routine can turn around a lot of those things.


  • So I did reading, I've been studying some of the greats and achievers around the world and what are the things they do during their morning routine?


  • And I've come up with something that I've been tweaking and working on for a little while and I want to share that with you.


  • Now let's jump into it.


  • I always start my day out with water first because when you wake up you are usually dehydrated.


  • So I try to drink at least 30 oz and then I make a cup of coffee and some organic fi green juice to give my body and mind a boost throughout the rest of my morning routine.


  • Then I like to spend a few minutes and silence and reflection thanking God for a new day and giving myself a few peaceful moments to wake up next, I read my purpose statement and my yearly goals out loud.


  • This helps me set the right intention for the day and keeps me focused on the things that matter most after that I take a few minutes to pray and then I do 20 minutes of exercise.


  • I like to do a yoga DVD that I stole for my wife because it's easy to do inside and it's great for breathing and stretching first thing in the morning, Then I like to read for 10-20 minutes to ensure that my personal growth is a priority every day before things get busy.


  • Finally, a journal for a few moments capturing thoughts, ideas and reflections.


  • And then I finish with planning out the tasks and the action items for the day.


  • So that routine takes about an hour.


  • But you might be saying I don't have an hour to do a morning routine.


  • Too quick thoughts Number one, you can consolidate all those steps and I'll do it in like 10 minutes, read quick stretch a little bit, go through journal just a little bit and literally do those steps, but in a consolidated time format.

    太快的想法 第一,你可以整合所有這些步驟,我將在10分鐘內完成,閱讀快速伸展一下,通過日記只是一點點,字面上做這些步驟,但在一個綜合的時間格式。

  • But the other tip and tool that I've heard is just getting up earlier.


  • What I found was that even when I wasn't working for home and I maybe had to get up early and be somewhere that taking the time to really put in a solid morning routine, revolutionised my entire day.


  • So consider getting up a little bit earlier so that you could stack the power of a solid morning routine and hey here a couple of resources that I mentioned in this video, the first is organic Fi and I'm actually super pumped to be partnering with them to bring you this video I've been drinking or identify for a few months now and I absolutely love it.


  • It's my favorite green juice supplement and one of the great things about it is when you're in a rush you can just get up, mix it with water, no shopping for produce, no blending, no clean up and you get your micro nutrients, you get your thinking going, you get the nutrition going and it really is a boost every single day.


  • And so if you want to check out and try organic fi you can actually grab 15% off using the promo code Sean thinks and so I'll link up all the details in the Youtube description below, make sure to use the promo code Sean thinks and then you can grab 15% off and then secondly I will summarize all the steps in this morning routine in the Youtube description below, so you can check that out for your reference as well as a few other cool resources to set your day up for success.

    是以,如果你想檢查和嘗試有機fi,你實際上可以使用促銷代碼Sean thinks搶到15%的折扣,所以我會在下面的Youtube描述中鏈接所有的細節,確保使用促銷代碼Sean thinks,然後你可以搶到15%的折扣,其次,我將在下面的Youtube描述中總結這個早晨程序的所有步驟,所以你可以檢查出來供你參考,以及其他一些很酷的資源,為你的一天成功做準備。

  • Now one final tip that I've learned from my mentors and this might be one of the most important things of all.


  • Try to avoid at all costs checking your phone and email first thing in the morning.


  • The problem with checking your phone is that you start your day in reaction instead of an intention.


  • If you can set it aside so you're not responding to anybody's positive or negative on social media, emails, pot, good or bad other people's requests, All of the business and the stress of your day really is going to be transmitted through your phone and through email.


  • So stay dark, stay off of your phone and email to go through a morning routine like this where you can concentrate on your goals, your priorities, your focus, your passion, your mission.


  • And then after that attack your day question of the day, what are the essential things that you do for your morning routine?


  • Let me know in the comments section below and definitely connect with other people from this Youtube community down there because some of the best tips and really ideas come from you in this community so I can't wait to see you in the comments section.


  • So thanks so much for checking out this video, definitely subscribe on Youtube for more videos just like this.


  • And if you haven't downloaded my free high performance Life hacks guide, it goes through seven simple and easy things that you can do to reduce stress and increase energy and productivity every single day.


  • So you can grab that for free.


  • I'll make it up on the Youtube card that will be in the description as well.


  • If you have any future video ideas you want to see, let me know in the comments section below and until next time keep crushing it and I'll see you in the next video.


  • So thanks so much for checking out what do you know about my filming chair, chair skills skills?


So what is the best morning routine for energy, productivity and Happiness?



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