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  • Have you ever wondered how a truck really works?

  • How it's built, how it's developed? Let us show you!

  • This is: Trucks' Anatomy.

  • Over four million viewers have watched this YouTube clip.

  • It showcases Volvo Trucks' new collision warning with emergency brake system.

  • In the clip, we see a 40-ton truck which automatically brakes-

  • -to avoid a collision. All without human intervention.

  • Now, we will perform a little test, to see how - and if - the system works.

  • This is Stora Holm Traffic Training Center in Gothenburg, Sweden-

  • -where we have access to the latest model Volvo FH-

  • -with the new emergency brake system installed.

  • The truck has a load of 40 tons.

  • The obstacle we'll drive towards, and hopefully avoid running into-

  • -is this inflated dummy vehicle.

  • To keep up the suspense a tad longer, let's find out how the system works.

  • The system is based on two sensors: radar and a camera.

  • The radar judges the distance and speed of the vehicles ahead-

  • -while the camera provides information about what kind of vehicle it is.

  • If the system detects that a collision is imminent-

  • -the driver will be warned.

  • If there is no reaction from the driver-

  • -the system will automatically activate the brake and avoid a collision.

  • Here is the radar.

  • And up here - that's the camera.

  • I think all trucks should have this. You have to experience it in reality-

  • -to understand the potential of the system, and how much it can help you.

  • It's not that you can read a brochure and think: "This is a great system."

  • You have to see it in real life.

  • Right. Time for the test. I'm somewhat nervous.

  • I mean, my instinct will tell me to "brake hard".

  • I will try not to.

  • I'm accelerating, heading towards the vehicle...

  • We are pushing on the cruise control...

  • We have reached a speed of 50 km/h. We're heading towards the obstacle.

  • I'm waiting to see what happens...

  • My foot is on the floor, I'm not touching anything.

  • There is the display warning... We're braking and we...

  • We didn't touch. It must be just centimeters!

  • Close call. The distance will vary due to surface and weather.

  • Nevertheless, the system works. No doubt.

  • That will definitely save lives.

Have you ever wondered how a truck really works?


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使用紧急制动测试碰撞警告(Volvo Trucks - Testing Collision Warning with Emergency Brake - "Trucks' Anatomy" (E01))

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