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  • hi everyone jennifer from tarle speech with  your pronunciation question we have two words  

    大家好,來自Tarle Speech的Jennifer與你的發音問題,我們有兩個詞

  • today please which is a polite word to ask  for permission and police which is the force  

    今天,"請 "是請求允許的禮貌用語,而 "警察 "是一種力量。

  • um that is responsible for keeping peace so to say  these words correctly we are going to say please  


  • with one syllable and police with two syllables so  how do we do this let's start with the word police  


  • to do this we're going to start with and to do  that lips are closed and then you're going to  


  • open why you say that short uh sound pa pa

    打開你為什麼說短促的uh音pa pa pa

  • then we're going to move to syllable number two  the lease and to do this you're going to touch the  


  • tip of your tongue to the back of your top front  teeth hold it there for the l smile for that long  


  • e tongue is nice and high and flat in your mouth  and then we're going to end with the s sound  


  • to do this tip of your tongue is either  pointed down or behind the top front teeth  


  • it's not touching the teeth and your voice box  is off and it is not moving puh lease police  


  • police police for the word please little  different one syllable so we're not going  


  • to have that uh sound between the puh and  the l so to do this what you're going to do  


  • is you're going to keep your lips together for  that pee ppp and then as you open them you're  


  • going to quickly put your tongue on the back  of your top front teeth for that l ll ll if  


  • it helps you you can actually have your tongue  in the spot for the l i have it ready behind  


  • the top front teeth touching and then  close the mouth for the pee pl pl pl  


  • it's a little bit harder but you can do  it with a little bit of practice so again  


  • tongue is ready for that l lips are  together and then as you open your mouth  


  • you can say that l sound without having that uh  in between pl then again add that long e and then  

    你可以說 "l "的聲音,而不需要在中間加入 "uh",然後再加入長e,然後

  • this time we're ending with the z z to do this  tip of the tongue is either pointed down or behind  

    這次我們用z做結尾 舌尖朝下或朝向後面

  • the top front teeth that is not touching voice  box is on and moving when we have this voiced  


  • z sound at the end of the word as opposed to  the s that is unvoiced that e is going to sound  


  • a little bit longer in this case so let's  give this word a try please please please


  • police police police please police  please police and now for a sentence  


  • the police asked the people to please form  a line the police asked the people to please  

    警察要求人們排好隊 警察要求人們排好隊

  • form a line and before i tell you to give it a try  i do want to make one comment that sometimes you  


  • will hear people over pronouncing the word please  to make a point and they will say paw please  

    會聽到人們為了表達自己的觀點而過度發音,他們會說paw please。

  • please give me a like and a share so you will  hear that but typically people will make this word  


  • with only one syllable please and police with two  syllables so again give it a try people are going  


  • to notice the difference if you found this helpful  i'd love a like a share and a subscribe check out  


  • our products on google play and itunes and all of  our class options at tarle speech thanks everyone

    我們的產品在google play和itunes上,以及我們在tarle speech的所有課程選項,謝謝大家。

hi everyone jennifer from tarle speech with  your pronunciation question we have two words  

大家好,來自Tarle Speech的Jennifer與你的發音問題,我們有兩個詞


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如何給PLEASE和POLICE發音 - 英語發音課程 (How to Pronounce PLEASE & POLICE - English Pronunciation Lesson)

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