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  • We announced earlier this week

  • that after, well, 28 years of doing a talk show

  • day in and day out, that we were going to be

  • wrapping things up here on June 24th,

  • sort of saying goodbye to this chapter

  • and then moving on to the next chapter.

  • Right.

  • And I have to tell you, response from a lot of people

  • has been very nice.

  • But you know, I got to say,

  • when you go through a change like this,

  • it gets the guy thinking about stuff, you know?

  • And without sounding too highfalutin

  • I've started to wonder a little bit about,

  • gee 28 years on TV, day in, day out, every night.

  • What's my impact been?

  • What have I meant to the world?

  • These are just natural questions, you know?

  • Have I really made a difference?

  • What's my legacy going to be

  • on this spinning blue globe we call earth.

  • Well, I got a little bit of a hint of this yesterday.

  • Apparently there was a massive variety show in Korea

  • and the stars of this variety show of course,

  • was the boy band BTS.

  • These guys are huge,

  • biggest band in the world, basically.

  • BTS massive.

  • And on the variety show, BTS they played a game,

  • where their producers showed a picture of a celebrity

  • to BTS and then one of the guys in the band

  • has to identify the celebrity.

  • This just came out, just saw it last night

  • and well, take a look.

  • (J-Hope laughing)

  • Curtain.

  • He called me Curtain!

  • Well, it's like the whole world

  • is convening to wish you well on your new endeavor.

  • And you know, we're drawing the curtain on -

  • He said I was a curtain!

  • I've been to Korea.

  • [Andy] I know.

  • I've been there!

  • You're quite popular there.

  • I was popular!

  • Curtain!

  • Curtain.

  • I'll get you, BTS.

  • Oh, I'll get you good.

  • And by that, I mean, I'll silently resent you.

  • I have no power to do anything to you.

  • (both laughing)

  • You're going to go on to have huge success.

  • We're old and you're young.

  • I'm very old and on the way out,

  • and you guys are pretty much running the world.

  • So when I say I'll get you,

  • I just mean I'm going to stew in my own juices

  • [Andy] Right.

  • For quite a long time.

  • And you'll be vastly unaware.

  • (Conan laughing)

We announced earlier this week


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BTS 沒認出 Conan - CONAN談到''少年防彈''團(BTS Didn't Recognize Conan - CONAN on TBS)

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