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  • Okay guys, it's time to lay some blame.

  • Who's the cruel, cruel person who invented homework?

  • Let's find out on today's episode of Colossal Questions.

  • In the past, getting an education was nothing like we picture it today.

  • No chalkboards, no recess, no assemblies or pizza parties.

  • Even no schoolhouses.

  • That's right.

  • For most of history, children would receive their schooling at home and only the rich and powerful could afford to educate their kids.

  • That's because most families were way too busy farming, working, and just trying to get by, and the kids needed to help.

  • Rich families and lords would pay tutors to come to their home to teach their kids.

  • Back then, kids weren't getting homework.

  • If you think about it, it's kind of hard to assign a kid homework when the whole thing is happening at home.

  • So, when did homework become the never ending nightly nightmare we know it as today?

  • It was in the 1950s that things started to change and homework finally reared its ugly head.

  • At the time, the US was competing with the Soviet Union and tried to get any competitive edge they could find.

  • One of the ways they wanted to get the upper hand was by raising smarter kids.

  • Teachers and school districts were encouraged to assign more homework so that American students would out-compete their Soviet counterparts and grow up to be scientists and engineers.

  • And by the 1950s, less families needed their kids to stay at home and work the fields.

  • So there wasn't a huge outcry from parents once the assignments started rolling in.

  • And now you know where homework came from.

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Okay guys, it's time to lay some blame.


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Who Invented Homework? | COLOSSAL QUESTIONS

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