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  • hello and greetings from patagonia argentina  in today's video we're going to be visiting  

    來自阿根廷巴塔哥尼亞的你好和問候 在今天的視頻中,我們將訪問

  • an estancia called Nibepo Aike which is  located within los glaciates national park  

    一個名為Nibepo Aike的牧場,位於洛斯冰川國家公園內。

  • this is one of the many excursions that you can do  from the town of el calafate santa cruz and it's  


  • a nice way to spend the day in the countryside  learn about the inner workings of an Estancia  


  • and enjoy a traditional barbecue while  you're at it so let's kick off this


  • adventure


  • hello hello hey guys welcome to the estancia  Nibepo Aike i believe it is pronounced oh my gosh  

    你好,你好,夥計們,歡迎來到ESTANCIA Nibepo Aike,我相信它的發音是哦,我的天啊。

  • we're here we've wanted to do an Estancia stay  now for years 12 years i could say it's a visit  


  • we're here for the afternoon for a few hours we're  going to be doing everything that anyone would be  


  • staying overnight we get to do we're going to  get to tour the property have an asado all those  


  • things so we booked this tour directly in el  calafate santa cruz and they came to pick us  

    的事情,所以我們直接在el calafate santa cruz預訂了這個旅遊,他們來接我們。

  • up from our little cabin it was about an hour  and a half's drive a gorgeous drive gorgeous  


  • gorgeous scenery oh my gosh yeah most of it most  of it on a dirt road yeah and yeah we were just  

    華麗的風景,哦,我的天哪 是的,它的大部分是在土路上 是的,是的,我們只是

  • just like eye candy and you can book eithermorning excursion or an afternoon excursion to  


  • the estancia we chose the afternoon so we're  going to be having dinner here we get to watch  


  • the sunset then we're going to be meeting up  with the guide and learning a little bit about  


  • sheep shearing which they do here on the farm my  it is wendy welcome to patagonia argentina yeah  


  • apologies for any uh audio issues in  advance yeah let's get started yeah let's do

    對任何音頻問題提前表示歉意 是的,我們開始吧 是的,我們開始吧

  • this so we've just arrived here  at the estancia now we're going  


  • to have a little tea and coffee you know the  afternoon merienda before we begin with our  


  • afternoon tour here in the countryside  so warm drinks and a little snack


  • a little tea to warm up it is windy outside cheers  i'm having a red berry tea which is very very nice


  • and then aside from that i grabbed  a little bit of cake this has that  


  • sweet potato not jam but like the duns that  we eat with cheese i don't know if there's  


  • a name for it in english then this is another  cake what are those little black seeds called  


  • forgetting my english poppy seeds and then torta  which is just a piece of fried dough it's really  


  • popular with coffee yeah it's warming up a bit  it's a little windy it is very windy out and yeah  


  • we're doing this excursion with a big group  so like different groups are arriving and  


  • we're all gathering together we're gonna haveguide so yeah we're just going to eat a little  


  • something warm up and then we continue  we begin and we get started that's right


  • you smell bad you smell like dirty horses he  smelled like a country dog like a farm dog


  • and now to give you a bit of background  information on the estancia and how the  


  • seemingly odd name came to be this estancia was  founded by santiago peso a croatian immigrant  

    這個名字看起來很奇怪,這個莊園是由克羅地亞移民Santiago Peso建立的。

  • who arrived in argentina at the beginning of  the 20th century he settled in an area which  


  • today sits inside los glaciatos national  park where he raised sheep and cattle  

    今天坐落在Los Glaciatos國家公園內,他在那裡飼養牛羊。

  • originally the estancia was named la jeronima  but when santiago fell ill with tuberculosis  

    莊園最初被命名為La Jeronima,但當Santiago得了肺結核之後

  • and eventually passed away his wife renamed  the estancia in honor of their three daughters  

    他的妻子為紀念他們的三個女兒,將莊園重新命名為 "Estancia",並最終離開人世。

  • their nicknames were Nibepo Aike and so by  grabbing the first two letters from each name they  

    他們的綽號是Nibepo Aike,是以通過從每個名字中抓取前兩個字母,他們

  • got Nibepo Aike and then Nibepo Aike which means  place in the tawelche language that's the name  

    有Nibepo Aike,然後Nibepo Aike在Tawelche語言中的意思是地方,這就是這個名字。

  • well so far we have seenbeautiful border collie the farm dog  


  • we've also seen lots of sheep with fluffy  buns and now a hair so i think we're doing  


  • pretty good for wildlife spawning at Estancia  and yes i'm including the cute dog as


  • wildlife


  • okay sam so we are standing in  front of a very important bush  


  • a very special place well it's called the calafate  which is what the town is known for it's called el  


  • calafate santa cruz named after the bush and  there's green and blueberries okay you don't  


  • want to have the green ones you want to have the  bluish ones apparently legend has that if you  


  • eat one of these you will come back to patagonia  argentina yes so i'm going to have a whole bunch  


  • if you want to return to patagonia argentina  you need to eat the berries of the calafate  


  • that's what we're doing now a must a must  they're not ready yes too green too green  

    這就是我們現在所做的,必須的,必須的,他們還沒有準備好 是的,太綠了,太綠了

  • oh my god already i think maybe it's not  quite the season yet no it's mostly green  


  • well i still hate one for a few seconds  you'll be returning then they're returning


  • so


  • now for a little behind the scenes we got put  into a group with some real party animals who are  


  • carrying bottles of vodka in their backpacks and  pan pockets so here's one of the men who insisted  


  • on posing for my camera i don't know if he was  blowing kisses or trying not to throw up but now  


  • he's on youtube for the world to see now let's do  that once more in slow motion yep there we have it


  • hello hello update time for a much  needed update what's going on we've  


  • been doing a lot we went down to the water  beautiful turquoise waters that was stunning  


  • it's like milky like a milky light blue very very  cool to see yeah yeah and then we went hiking for  

    它就像乳白色的,就像乳白色的淡藍色,非常非常酷,可以看到 是的,是的,然後我們去徒步旅行了

  • a bit yeah and i think next is sheep hearing  so sheep shearing yeah we're just waiting for  

    有一點 是的,我想接下來是聽羊的聲音,所以剪羊毛 是的,我們只是在等待

  • the rest of the group to make their way down the  mountain slowly yeah and then we're going to learn  


  • a bit more about Estancia life you're feeling  hungry as well oh yeah yeah definitely ready we're  


  • both waiting for the barbecue we're exercising  to build up an appetite yes exactly yeah


  • so


  • so


  • do

  • yes

  • a mayor dude because put the [ __  ] to the face because in winter  


  • how about more snow and the animal is not possible


  • wow

  • thanks so much is now dinner time cheers to  a fun visit to anesthesia in the countryside


  • it really has been fun i feel like we've  got a nice taste of every not everything  


  • but a lot of what you can do if you're  going to stay you know for a night or two  


  • yeah a condensed version a condensed version  maybe we'll come back for a few more days yeah  


  • on another occasion so loving the loving the  wine we are we are enjoying some patagonian wine  


  • very very nice we've also got our little bread  basket it's arrived we have our chimichurri  


  • salsa yoda for when the meat gets here althoughalso like dipping my bread in it and what else i  

    當肉到這裡時,莎莎-尤達(salsa yoda),雖然我也喜歡把麵包浸在裡面,還有其他的東西。

  • saw some chorizo some sausage on the burrito andimagine there will be a salad because that usually  


  • comes along with some meat so yeah we're just  waiting for the food we've worked up an appetite  


  • for sure we sure have i'm gonna put a bit of this  here and some bread let us break bread together


  • for those of you who don't know what  chimichurri is it's basically a whole  


  • bunch of different spices and herbs  with olive oil some vinegar garlic


  • it's good it's meant for the meat but it's good  


  • all right patagonian lamb look at that guys  right over here just grab it directly from  


  • the sizzling grill steam coming off oh  look at that piece looks delectable guys


  • that's so unbelievably tender and good you  know what you could use a little salt though  


  • a little bit of salt maybe a little creamy  jimmy i'll try some chimichurri on it too


  • look at that loaded up you're you're really not  shy with the chimichu i'm not shy with the chimney  

    看看你那滿滿當當的樣子,你對著煙囪真不害羞 我對著煙囪也不害羞

  • you just load her up why would you be you win in  argentina delicious okay so sam tried the lamb i'm  

    你只要把她裝起來就可以了,為什麼你要在阿根廷贏取美味呢 好了,山姆嘗試了羊肉,我

  • gonna try the chorizo the sausage very good very  tasty i think it needs some chimichu to be honest


  • you could even turn it into a little  choripan you could with the bread  


  • open if you're if you're hungry enough i want  to enjoy my meat i don't want to fill up with  


  • too much bread we got to pace ourselves here  oh my god we thought we were done we should  


  • have known better we thought it was over there in  argentina the good times keep coming and coming  


  • and so we've got we've moved on to ribs now ribs  lamb ribs lamb ribs check this out guys wowzers  


  • i'm just gonna take a bit of a bit off of the  bone here look at that guys i have to say the  


  • sun is shining on your beard and you look like  extra irish my heritage is showing your hair  


  • indeed you look wild that's a whole new level  this is the best best cut so far the oil


  • i'm full but i'll keep going and  last but not least we have some land  


  • with an argentine classic here we go


  • very good


  • and that was our excursion to the estancia  Nibepo Aike we hope you enjoyed the visit  

    這就是我們在Nibepo Aike牧場的遊覽,希望你喜歡這次遊覽。

  • and we'll see you in the next episode where  we get up close and personal with the glaciers  


  • it was the best day ever  so stay tuned for that bye


  • you

hello and greetings from patagonia argentina  in today's video we're going to be visiting  

來自阿根廷巴塔哥尼亞的你好和問候 在今天的視頻中,我們將訪問

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