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  • Hi everyone, I hope you are doing great


  • Today's tutorial is a work appropriate makeup look, so nothing too over the top


  • but you know nice and polish


  • After the make up tutorial, I will also show you how you can do your hair


  • you know that being said, I hope you enjoy it and let's get start it!


  • I have had to take up the blazer it was literally like a strike jacket, and I was just.. too much


  • As usual I have already moisturized my face but I will go in with this primer called Matte Out Mattifying Face Base by Australis

    像往常一樣,我已經上好保濕,但我還要上一層 Australis 牌的「無瑕去油光隔離霜」

  • you put it over your T-zone and it will hopefully reduces the chances of your skin coming quite oily and shiny throughout today


  • so I wind this up a little bit and just apply that over up my T-zone


  • Please forgive my nails, by the way I use this OPI nail polish and they made my nails go yellow, which is really gross

    順便一提,請原諒我的指甲 我用了這個指甲油之後,我的指甲變黃了,很噁心

  • And I will shot...

    然後我... 噁....

  • Next I want to use the L'Oreal True Match Foundation in W4, perfect foundation for working environment because you can start off with a very minimum amount.

    接下來我要用巴黎萊雅的「完美吻膚粉底液」,色號 W4,上班族粉底液的完美選項,妳可以先微量使用

  • And then all the way up if you require a little bit more coverage


  • And my favorite brush for foundation at the moment is the real techniques multi-task brush


  • and brush this into my skin, I love this brush because almost feels like it’s very air- brushy, because it is very fluffy

    然後把粉底刷進我的皮膚裡 ,我喜歡這支刷子是因為它的刷頭很鬆軟,像空氣刷過

  • very air-brushy, because it is very fluffy


  • next I'm using the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Custard, I love this product

    接下來要用 NARS 的「妝點甜心遮瑕蜜」,色號是Custard,我喜歡這個產品

  • very similar shape to MAC pro longwear in NC 20 but, very creamy consistency

    長得跟 MAC 色號 NC20 的「專業持久遮瑕膏」很像,你看,質地很綿密

  • and so much easier to use because it has the doe-foot rather than the pump thing


  • where am I oops


  • next one I’m going to use on my face is the NARS Pressed Powder in Beach

    接下來我要用 NARS 的蜜粉,色號 Beach

  • I love using these two together, this is the sigma large powder F20 brush

    我喜歡跟 sigma 的 20 號大刷子一起用

  • Something about these two together is just like an unbeatable combo


  • Now of course a lot of you will be more comfortable wearing a BB cream or tinted moisturizer during the day

    有些人覺得擦 BB 霜或保濕產品比較自在

  • Was usual just about what you feel comfortable with


  • next blush I am going to my newest Milani Blush called series one Dolce Pink

    接下來,我要用我最近買的 Milani 腮紅,色號 Dolce Pink

  • It is their baked power blush and it is stunning. Let me just give you a good picture of that.


  • I didn’t contour because I kind of skip contouring when I don’t feel like I need to do it


  • So I don’t feel like I need to do it at work because it’s just it not a very you know dramatic or special occasion it's just going to work


  • And it takes more time to contour.


  • So I am just gonna try to blush, and apply it like all you do.


  • Now for my current favorite brow product,


  • this is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in Blonde. that is a long name, but it is worth it.


  • I love this stuff, it is like gel eyeliner of your eyebrows basically


  • and it's just the perfect shade, it gives me a nice, clean crisp line. It is so, like, long-wearing.I find that it's actually hard for me to get it off with my makeup wipes.


  • And I use it with the Anastasia brush number 12. It has the little tip like this,

    我用 Anastasia 的12號刷,它這邊是尖頭刷

  • and it has the spooly on the end. So I like to brush through my brows, and get them into the right shape.

    一邊是眉刷 ,我喜歡直接刷過眉毛,化成我要的形狀

  • Like so.


  • And then, I just fill them in like I normally would.


  • I'm feeling pretty good about my eyebrows today. I'm particularly impressed with this one.


  • It worked out quite nice, I must admit.


  • This one errrr.... This one emmmm.....

    左邊,還好.... 右邊,不錯

  • Next we want to use MAC Paint Pot in soft ochre as my base.

    接下來我用MAC的流暢持久眼彩霜,色號 soap ochre 打底

  • This isn't a crucial step, but if you do have oily eyelids, and your eye shadows tend to crease throughout the day, definitely a necessary step.


  • So I'm just going to


  • apply some of that. And this is good as well, because it literally takes like, I don't know, ten, twenty seconds to apply. So it's not a big time waste.


  • For my eyes, I want to keep it very very simple, nothing too bright or dark. This is the L'Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow in 892 Amber Rush.


  • This shade is gorgeous because you can tell that you're wearing it, but it's not very in your face.

    塗在眼皮上, 而且這個步驟其實只花10到20秒,不會花你太多時間,很好

  • So it adds a really nice sheen to the eyelid, adds a little bit of color, but isn't too obnoxious.

    眼妝部分,我喜歡保持乾淨,不要太亮,太煙燻 這是巴黎萊雅的"持久眼影粉",色號892 Amber Rush

  • And I'm gonna apply that straight to my eyelid.

    這個產品很棒,因為妳化完後 臉上妝感不會很重

  • And add a little bit in the corner of your eyes.


  • Next I'm going to take the Sigma Tapered Blending e40 Brush


  • with that eye-shadow and use this to blend it out into the crease.


  • Next I'm going to use the Benefit Eye Bright in my waterline.

    接下來我要用 Sigma e40 號眼影刷

  • This is nice because it just opens up your eyes even more. I feel like I say "it opens up your eyes," "it makes your eyes look more white," like every second sentence.


  • Next, of course, is the Jordana Best Lash Extreme Volumizing Mascara


  • I want to use this, as I always do, just on my top and bottom of eyelashes.


  • Now time for lipstick, I'll be using the Calvin Klein Lipstick in 710 Bliss.

    接下來當然要用 Jordana 最佳超級濃密睫毛膏

  • It’s kind of nice pink glossy shade. I wanted to go for a nice glossy shade because you can just quickly apply it, and it still looks like you put in effort.


  • To rather applying a lipstick and a lip gloss you can just go straight in with one of these. (It) adds a nice color to your lips,

    唇彩時間,我要用 Calvin Klein 口紅,色號 710 Bliss

  • but doesn't kind of wash them out, doesn't make them look too matte, too dry..


  • As you can see this shade isn't too pink, isn't too nude.

    妳只需要這個產品,而不用先上一層口紅,再上一層唇蜜 ,唇色就會變得很漂亮

  • It's kind of like a nice "my lips but better shade".


  • So it's nice and work appropriate.


  • So as you can see, my hair is in a bit of a state right now.


  • I'm just gonna brush it through a little bit.


  • Just get rid of all the knots.


  • Going to turn my straightener on.


  • And I before I go and straighten my hair, I'm going to split it into two


  • and I'm going to use my Tresemme Keratin Smooth


  • Heat-protection and Shine Spray.


  • I've used these Tresemme Heat-protection Sprays for as long as I can remember.

    噴上 Tresemme Keratin

  • I'm just going to spray the ends.


  • Smells good though. So now I've use the heat-protection spray, I'm going to go in and straighten the bits

    從我有印象開始,我一直都用 Tresemme 這支噴霧

  • that are at the front of my face


  • and the bits that are near my ear.


  • You think my works done soon.


  • Okay, so now I'm just going to bunch my hair up at the back in a ponytail.


  • Just go very loosely so that you don't have it like very tightly pulled.


  • Just so it's kind of like that, so you can really play around with the hair on the sides.


  • And pull it up a little bit, so it's like up here.


  • And then grab a hair elastic.And then twist your hair around. Just like this, kind of like it twists around itself.


  • Doesn't have to be neat at all, that’s the point of hair. And then I'm going to grab the elastic, and just tie this around this bun.


  • That's the first one. Then I'm going to need a second one to keep it in place.


  • And I'm just going to do that,

    不用太整齊 用原本的橡皮筋繞著包包一圈

  • and put it in the middle of the bun. So it's kind of like that.


  • So we've got a nice messy bun.


  • Now, if you find any bits that you want to pin back or neaten up,


  • just grab a bobby pin like this,


  • and just pin it in place.


  • So now that the back is done, I'm just going to pull out a few bits of hair from the front.


  • The bits that we straightened.


  • You don't want to grab too much, you just want it to be kind of effortlessly messy.


  • And then even at the back of the bun,


  • you can kind of just tug at it a little bit, and pull it out..


  • Random pieces just to make it a little bit more scruffy.


  • And by scruffy I mean like "accidently on purpose" scruffy.


  • Next I'm going to use the Tresemme Salon Finish Hairspray

    隨興就好, 把髮型弄得有一點亂亂的

  • this is number 5 Freeze Hold.


  • And I'm going to spray some little bits and pieces in place.

    接下來我要用 Tresemme 的"沙龍級定型"噴霧

  • So I'm going to spray the top of my heads and all my flyaways.

    這罐是 5 Freeze Hold

  • Hair spray down. I'm going to spray the side.


  • Just to keep it in place.


  • I love this one because it's honestly one of the strongest hair sprays

    讓噴霧灑在頭髮上 然後噴旁邊

  • I've used. So it's perfect for keeping your hair in place for the whole day.


  • And the size of this one is perfect to put in my handbag. If I ever need to touch up my hair throughout the day.


  • So this is the finish look. Thank you all so much for watching.


  • All the products that I used, and the links, etc are down below in the description box, so please check them out as usual.


  • Thanks watching, I hope you all have a great day, and I'll see you very soon. Bye.


Hi everyone, I hope you are doing great


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