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  • today we are taking you to the seaside  town of Rada Tilly and patagonia argentina  


  • ratatilli has the distinction of being the  southernmost seaside resort in the country  


  • and it also has one of the  widest beaches we have ever seen  


  • we visited on a day trip from the  nearby city of comodoro rivadavia  


  • so join us for a fun day of sunshine long walks  on the beach and some hearty patagonian dishes  


  • good morning guys good morning guys hello welcome  to ratati yeah ratatilly beautiful little town  

    早上好,夥計們 早上好,夥計們,你們好,歡迎來到Ratati 是的,Ratatilly 美麗的小城鎮

  • here located on the coast what 20 or 30 kilometers  from comodoro rivadavia i'd say it's about a half  


  • hour's bus ride from the city of comodoro  rivadavia this town is right on the coast it  


  • has a beautiful beach and since we have the full  day here before we need to catch our bus to rio  


  • gallegos we thought let's take a little day trip  day trip we're gonna walk along the beach there's  


  • incredible looking sushi we've researched a couple  restaurants so i mean instead of just like waiting  


  • around in the hotel in the lobby yeah stuck on our  computers all day we're gonna enjoy some sunshine  


  • some good food and a really nice walk so i'm super  pumped about that um we should talk about how we  


  • got here so we took a local bus yeah so basically  we went to the bus terminal in comodoro rivadavia  

    到了這裡,我們坐上了當地的巴士 是的,基本上我們去了科莫多羅-裡瓦達維亞的巴士終點站

  • and there is a bus company called rada tilly  name of the town it's pretty easy and you have  

    有一家叫Rada Tilly的巴士公司,它的名字叫Rada Tilly,很簡單,你有

  • to get one of those like reloadable magnetic  bus cards yes and i believe the journey was  


  • 55 pesos per person which is less than a dollar  gosh that's an incredible yeah fair so yeah we  


  • just loaded like you know four fares for the two  of us yeah and when you walk into the bus terminal  

    就像你知道的那樣,我們兩個人有四張票 是的,當你走進公共汽車終點站時

  • it is i think it's the furthest booth in the  back yeah yeah depends which way you walk in guys  

    是的,我想這是後面最遠的一個攤位 是的,是的,取決於你從哪個方向走進去,夥計們。

  • small terminals you can't miss it and there  were two bosses i believe there were number tens  


  • each and the buses leave quite frequently every  20 minutes they go from comodo to rada tilly  


  • yeah so yeah that's good it's fantastic  and so that means we'll easily be able  


  • to get back into town to catch our bus  overnight bus tonight so yeah i mean this  


  • is going to be an incredible way to spend  the day and let's get walking to the beach


  • well guys welcome to the beach nice and windy here  here we are we actually arrived at high tide so  


  • there isn't a lot of beach to walk on it's kind of  crazy like the waves have just kind of taken over  


  • the whole shore but it's so cool to see and i mean  the water is a beautiful color it's like turquoise  


  • it almost feels like you're in the caribbean but  i'm sure if you were to dip a toe you'd be like oh  


  • hello atlantic that is not one i'm sure i'm  sure it's such a nice breeze here too yeah  


  • loving it so refreshing oh nothing like the the  breeze along a nice beach and that's salty air


  • so we've just been walking along the waterfront  here and let me tell you the homes are gorgeous  


  • and they look every single house is completely  different from the next a completely different  


  • style and they are more like mansions let me  tell you and yeah very distinct styles the one  


  • that really caught our attention well it looks  like you could be in santorini or in turkey or  


  • in bosnia and herzegovina and this home would not  look out of place basically it has blue domes yeah  


  • it looks like it has a minaret lots of arches the  whole building is painted white yeah it looks like  

    看起來它有一個尖塔,有很多拱門,整個建築被塗成白色 是的,看起來是這樣。

  • they've taken inspiration just from different  parts of that side of the world you know greece  


  • turkey kind of that area and it's incredible the  reason you're looking over is because it's right  


  • there wow yeah wow i was not expecting this  like i knew rada tilly was a nice seaside town  


  • but it surprised me like you can tell there's  a lot of wealth here people really look after  


  • their properties their gardens their home  everything is just clean immaculate i mean  


  • the beach is stunning like you don't see garbage  on the beach it's just so beautiful and i mean  


  • we've only walked maybe two 300 meters we  still have a lot of coastline left to cover  


  • there's a lot of wow factor here yeah this is  so cool if i had known about this place i would  

    這裡有很多令人驚歎的因素 是的,這太酷了,如果我早知道這個地方,我會

  • have wanted to spend a few days just hanging out  here having like a little beach vacation you know  


  • a beach occasion seriously what a nice surprise  as we mentioned earlier ratatouille is considered  


  • the southernmost seaside resort and it's pretty  far south on the continent the warmest the water  


  • ever gets here is about 17 degrees celsius or 62  degrees fahrenheit so it's really not that warm  


  • we visited quite early in the summer so while we  noticed a few brave kids running into the water  


  • most people were just sunbathing if you do visit  pack your swimsuit but maybe also a windbreaker


  • all right guys time for lunch we're currently  eating at a restaurant that is called hashtag  


  • in very cool on the beach they do have sushi but  it turns out it's only in the evenings when this  


  • kind of turns into like a beach bar club however  they have a very nice menu with patagonian dishes  


  • so i ordered the risotto with seafood sam is  getting the patagonian lamb with another risotto  


  • with wine i believe so it should be good the bread  has arrived fresh out of the oven super good with  


  • a garlicky mayo it is delicious super delicious  bread super delicious and we also got a patagonian  


  • wine this one is called la polerosa we've had  it before it's very good so cheers my friend  

    這款酒叫la polerosa,我們以前喝過,非常好喝,謝謝你,朋友。

  • yeah we're having authentic patagonian food  here in patagonia i got the creamy risotto with  


  • seafood and it has a little bit of everything  there's calamari shrimp mussels scallops


  • it's just really buttery and cheesy  you can see the strings of cheese there  


  • very rich this is so nice and we're  eating it by the ocean we're on the beach


  • nice bottle of wine good music  what more do you want like it's  


  • like this is paradise when i ordered this dish  the waitress was like the best selection yeah  


  • she was like you're gonna be coming back to  this restaurant this is a giant piece of lamb  


  • and a very generous portion of what looks to be  a creamy risotto cheesy risotto yeah yours comes  


  • with saffron i'm blown away i'm blown away by the  portion and i can't wait to try this we actually  


  • we met a we met a gentleman who was sitting  outside and he told us that he told us that  


  • the the cordero the lamb here is the best and so  i'm incredibly excited to have this first bite


  • that's the best lamb i've ever had in my whole  life really really big statement right there  


  • it's like next level tender the taste is  off the charts and there's a really nice  


  • sort of sweet and savory sauce to go along  with it it's just oh my gosh today we're  


  • just killing time to catch the bus how do  we get so lucky to come to such a beautiful  

    擠時間趕公車 我們怎麼這麼幸運能來到這麼美麗的地方

  • destination and have such nice food yeah  unbelievable turned out well try the risotto

    目的地,有這麼好的食物 是的,令人難以置信的結果是好的 試試意大利飯

  • super cheesy this is like this is a top three  meal on this entire trip that we've been on for  


  • over two months so unbelievable food i also  like the look of those caramelized onions  


  • yeah garlic there it's soft it's just unbelievable  that we're having such good food right now  


  • i'm i'm blown away well well blown away  in is the name of the restaurant guys  


  • i mean it's obviously the best location maybedon't know maybe the best food too in town yeah we  


  • thought we were coming for sushi but this turned  out to be a great surprise dessert has arrived  


  • because this restaurant has been so phenomenal and  we're enjoying the sea breeze and the beach views  


  • we're keeping the good times  rolling we've had chocolate vulcan  


  • in uh in argentina patagonia but we've never had  a dulce de leche chocolate can and so i'm going to  


  • break this open and you're going to see dulce  de leche a caramel sauce moves out watch this  


  • let's turn that around so i can  watch it you see oh he destroyed it  


  • okay there you have it so grab some ice  cream grab some cake with dulce de leche


  • here we go


  • how is this restaurant so so everything is so  delicious at this place dulce de leche is so  


  • warm that it's like a lava it's amazing it really  is a vulcan it's like it's a volcano you break it  


  • open and then the the the lava is seeping out it's  just so good with the ice cream and the chocolate  


  • cake around the outside we're good if you haven't  had this before it's kind of like the consistency  


  • and taste of a brownie if i lived here i would be  coming here very often this is a great restaurant


  • so so we're now at the beach doing a little  beach combing that's what it's called right  


  • when you look for seashells this is my mom's  hobby whenever we travel to a beach destination  


  • so i feel like i'm turning into her but  i'm looking for nice seashells for her  


  • i found one like this let me tell you i found  a perfect beautiful white seashell and i'm  


  • about to go grab it and sam's like walking around  distracted and crack he steps right on it broke it  


  • in half and i'm like no it was pristine it was  all white no spots no holes and he's just like  


  • oh my gosh stop complaining like a giant stop  complaining oh my god i didn't even see it i know  


  • you didn't see it so distracted while i'm beach  combing um well thanks for that rent rent alert  

    你沒有看到它,所以分心,而我在海灘梳理 嗯,謝謝你的租金租金警報

  • anyways what about the price the price of lunch  it was it was a pricey lunch but it's a really  


  • nice restaurant on the beach the food was  amazing and we got a whole bottle of wine  


  • like lately we've been doing half bottles  because it's like we don't need that much  


  • alcohol in the middle of the day well we hadlot we have a lot of time to kill and there was a  


  • there was a lot of food i think we sat at that  restaurant for like two hours two and a half  


  • hours at least so three hours look at the time  we've been sitting there eating and drinking  


  • almost for three and so you think about it we  had gourmet bread with with an amazing dip a  


  • full bottle of wine from patagonia argentina two  amazing mains and uh delicious dessert to share  


  • yeah 25 bucks per person it came to about 3 000  pesos which right now is at the time of our visit  


  • 50 us dollars 25 per person so not horrible but  it is pricey for argentina patagonia you can  


  • eat well for a lot cheaper but it was a special  that's a top three meal on the trip though yes  


  • and that's i think that's a i can say that's  the nicest location we've been yeah in terms of  

    我認為這是一個 我可以說這是我們去過的最好的地方了

  • setting like the only restaurant right on on the  beach like on the sand everything else is on the  


  • waterfront it is gourmet food yeah and i feel like  that's that's a meal that you won't forget anytime  

    水邊是美食 是的,我覺得那是一餐你不會忘記的飯菜。

  • soon so when in doubt if you're looking to splurge  a little bit go there for sure go there for sure


  • well guys we've now been here  in rada tilly for a few hours  


  • we arrived when it was high tide now it's gone  out and it's still continuing to go out and you  


  • would not believe the size of the beach it is  so wide it is crazy such a huge transformation


  • so we just finished visiting the regional museum  here in rada tilly it's small but it was very  


  • cool so it's mostly taxidermy of like the local  wildlife here in this area yeah so we saw some  

    這主要是當地野生動物的標本 是的,所以我們看到了一些

  • pretty cool animals yeah a giant sea lion yeahmean when we did our whole peninsula the bird that  

    很酷的動物 是的,一個巨大的海獅 是的,我的意思是當我們做我們的整個半島的鳥

  • was the most impressive the biggest albatross  wasn't it was it an albatross yeah i think so  

    最令人印象深刻的是最大的信天翁,不是嗎? 是信天翁嗎?

  • it was really cool seeing a sea lion because  when we did our whole peninsula valdez tour  


  • we saw them from a distance but like here you  have it up close and personal sure it's stuffed  


  • but like you can really admire the size of it  like that was pretty awesome and yeah there's  


  • old fossils and admission it's the wind's blowing  trash on sam admission is 35 pesos for 50 cents  


  • at this time 50 cents about 50 60 cents yeah  not bad at all worth a little visit exactly  


  • and that was our day trip to rada tilly we  hope you enjoyed the visit and we'll see you  


  • on the next episode where we continue  our journey even further south tata


  • you

today we are taking you to the seaside  town of Rada Tilly and patagonia argentina  


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