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  • link below. In the late 1960's, Dassault Aviation made a huge bet. The company


  • designed its first commercial airliner, the Mercure 100, to do one thing


  • fantastically well. Fly short routes more efficiently than any other airliner. With


  • the hope of taking on rival giants like Boeing, Dassault invested large sums into

    為了對抗像波音這樣的航太巨人 達梭投入了巨額資金

  • developing its new jet, and built several factories in anticipation of demand. But


  • if you've never heard of the Mercure, it's because airlines weren't interested

    如果你沒聽過它 那是因為當時的航空公司都對它並沒有興趣

  • in buying it. And Dassault's new jet would go down as one of the worst commercial


  • failures in aviation history.


  • designed and built by French aircraft manufacturer Dassault,


  • the Mercure 100 first flew in 1971. It was an impressive aircraft for its day

    水星100 於1971年首次啟航

  • with advanced aerodynamics and a wider cabin than its competitors. And it

    其先進的空氣動力學設計和寬廣的機艙空間 受到各界矚目

  • offered some pretty impressive features, including a heads-up display system for

    此外還配備了極為先進的設備 例如駕駛艙內的抬頭顯示系統

  • its pilots. The Mercure had great performance characteristics, especially


  • climbing out of congested airports. But most importantly, it was efficient. The


  • Mercure had been highly optimized for short-range air routes. So here's a plane


  • that would save Airlines money. But to understand why virtually no airline


  • ended up buying it, we need to look at the Mercure's development, and why


  • Dassault built the aircraft in the first place. In the 1960s Dassault was a


  • company renowned for its iconic Mirage military fighter aircraft and Falcon


  • business jets, but the company had bigger ambitions and had spotted an opportunity.


  • See many civil air routes around the world were actually very short, under a


  • thousand miles and at the time a lot of these short haul routes were served by

    達梭航太以生產幻象戰機 和獵鷹商務噴射客機聞名

  • Boeing's recently introduced 737 and Douglas DC-9. Dassault figured that if it

    而他們有著更大的野心 並發現一個大展身手的好機會

  • could design an airliner optimized specifically for these very short routes

    事實上,世界上許多國內航線都很短 不到1000英里 (約1609公里)

  • then it could outperform Boeing's and Douglas's offerings in a key segment of

    而大多時候這些航線都是由 波音新推出的737

  • the market. With low operating costs and a break-even load factor, airlines


  • initially showed interest. But building such a plane was an ambitious

    達梭航太認為如果能專門為了短程航線 設計出一款飛機

  • undertaking. Luckily for Dassault the French

    它在該領域的表現可能超越波音和道格拉斯 並成為分割市場版圖的關鍵

  • government was also convinced of the market demand for a specialized

    憑著較低的營運成本和收支平衡負載率 一開始成功吸引到航空公司的注意

  • short-range airliner. The government was eager for Dassault to build a 737


  • competitor and to spur France's aviation industry. It provided a loan for just


  • over half the development costs, which were to be repaid through sales of the

    認為這樣的市場需求 使短程客機的發展前景看好

  • aircraft. Development started in 1967 and Dassault was so confident in the Mercure

    當局急切地希望達梭推出一款 能和波音737抗衡的產品

  • concept that had built four factories across France to meet the anticipated


  • demand. Reportedly the company was expecting to


  • built its 300th airliner in less than a decade. Like the rival Boeing 737, the


  • Mercure was powered by a pair of proven but now dated Pratt & Whitney turbo fans

    研發始於1967年 達梭航太對於水星客機的概念很有信心

  • But despite having virtually the same engines as the 737, the Mercure could

    為了因應預期中的銷售量 而在法國各地共建造四間工廠

  • carry more passengers and despite being larger the Mercure could even out climb

    該公司在報告中指出 預計要在十年內打造三百架

  • the 737. These impressive performance advantages were due to the Mercure being


  • so well optimized for short sectors. By significantly reducing fuel tank size,

    水星客機配備兩具當時最先進的 普惠渦輪風扇發動機

  • Dassault reduced the structural weight of its airliner by as much as 10%. By

    儘管動力引擎和737一模一樣 水星客機能承載更多乘客

  • using state-of-the-art computer design tools, Dassault created a specialized wing

    雖然體積比737更大 速度卻更快

  • giving the Mercure excellent climb and descent performance - an important


  • metric for efficient short haul flights. But these advantages, of course, come with


  • some trade-offs. See a fully loaded Mercure had a maximum range of only one


  • thousand miles. A Boeing 737-200 had a much greater range, up to three times as

    藉由當時最先進的電腦軟體 設計出特製的機翼形狀

  • much on some later variants. But there was also another important design

    賦予水星客機極佳的爬升和下降性能 在短程飛行中相當受用

  • difference. A 737 was a robust aircraft which could be suited to serve both

    為了這些優點 設計時必然有些取捨和犧牲

  • short and medium sectors, so Boeing was able to adapt the airframe and adopt new

    一架滿載的水星客機 最高航程只有1000英里 (約1609公里)

  • engines to cater to different segments of the market

    而一架波音737-200能飛更遠 其衍生型甚至擁有三倍航程

  • a 737-100 introduced in 1968 carried a 103 passengers over 1,700


  • miles. But after four decades of development the 737 had evolved into an

    波音737是一款性能強大的客機 被設計來應付短程和中程航行

  • entire family of aircraft, with some variants having more than twice the


  • passenger capacity and range of the original. While the Mercure had also been


  • designed with stretch potential, its mission was always going to be decidedly

    1968年推出的737-100能承載103位旅客 飛行長達1700英里 (約2735公里) 遠

  • short-haul. Modifying the aircraft to increase its range so it could serve a

    然而發展了四十年後 已經衍生出一個737家族

  • broader segment of the market like the 737 wasn't going to be easy.


  • And so the Mercure's high degree of design optimization for short-haul


  • routes, rather than being a competitive advantage quickly became an enormous


  • problem. Dassault aggressively marketed the Mercure as an economical choice for

    想要增加其航程 讓它跟737一樣擁有更寬廣的市場

  • airlines. With its unparalleled short range performance, it should have been


  • attractive to airlines that were operating 737's


  • and DC-9's on short-haul routes. But the Mercure refused to sell. See if

    這些所謂的「優勢」 很快地變成它的銷售弱點

  • you operate the Mercure out of France, Dassault's proposition makes some sense.

    達梭航太積極地將其宣傳為 經濟實惠的選擇

  • But from outlying European countries like Spain, the Mercure's limited range


  • is... well very limiting. And in the United States that limited range becomes an

    應該能吸引到原本使用737和DC-9的航空 用在短程航線上

  • even bigger problem. Airlines, as it turns out, we're willing to take a hit on


  • operating efficiency even if it meant they'd have an aircraft that was

    如果以法國的機場為樞紐 達梭的客機還派得上用場

  • versatile to fill both medium and short range roles. Some argue that Dassault's

    但是地處偏遠一點的歐洲國家,像西班牙 水星客機有限的航程就難以應付啦

  • decision to market the Mercure as a direct 737 competitor also contributed

    而在美國境內 這樣的窘境更加明顯

  • to its commercial failure. Well in many ways the Mercure was a conventional

    結果顯示 航空公司大多希望

  • airliner its range made it more of a high-capacity regional jet. But there


  • were other factors going against the aircraft, like the 1970 Oil Crisis which

    這意味著他們更喜歡 能夠同時應付中程和短程的機型

  • limited Airlines purchasing power, a devalued US dollar and a high rate of

    有些人認為達梭當年 將水星客機塑造為737的競爭對手

  • European inflation - all of which had made the Mercure


  • more expensive to purchase. Air Inter, an airline in which the French government

    水星客機的航程 使其定位侷限在地區性的高承載噴射機

  • had a large ownership stake, was the only airline to ever purchase Mercure's and it


  • ordered only 10. An 11th Mercure, a prototype that had been refurbished was

    例如1970年石油危機 使航空公司財政緊縮

  • later also delivered to the airline. Dassault struggled to recover from its

    加上美元貶值 以及歐洲嚴重的通貨膨脹

  • colossal commercial miscalculation, and reportedly the company would need to


  • sell somewhere between 120 and 150

    由法國政府控股的 法國內陸航空 (Air Inter)

  • Mercure's just to break even. So the company raced to develop improved

    是該型客機唯一買家 且僅僅買下10架

  • versions like the Mercure 200C, which was to have improved range. But the

    至於第11架是原型機 被翻新後也交給了法國內陸航空

  • Mercure design's had been so carefully optimized for short routes, you could say

    達梭航太試圖從這次嚴重的 商業失敗中翻身

  • the company had engineered itself into a corner. Because the extensive design


  • modifications that would have been needed to give the Mercure additional

    至少需要賣出120到150架水星客機 才能回收成本

  • fuel capacity, well, were simply too expensive to ever make it a profitable

    於是公司決定研發進階版本 例如水星200C

  • proposition. The 11 Mercure's that did enter service would go on to fly until


  • 1995. They safely carried over 44 million passengers and made over 400,000 flights -


  • albeit short efficient flights. But the story of French


  • aviation didn't end with the Mercure, it was really just the beginning.

    因為衍生型的改良設計 必須擴大其油箱容量

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商业失败:达索美居的故事(A Commercial Failure: The Dassault Mercure Story)

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