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  • Everybody loves ice cream.

  • Even those who say they don't like ice cream still love ice cream.

  • We use ice cream as a way to support our community.

  • My name is Michael "Mikey" Cole, and I own Mikey Likes It Ice Cream.

  • I did not always sell ice cream.

  • I was born in the Lower East Side of New York City, the East Village, two blocks from the shop.

  • Bustlin' drugs at one point.

  • I ended up getting caught, ended up going to jail for six months.

  • A few years ago, my mother got sick.

  • I promised to her that I wouldn't be locked up anymore, do the wrong things.

  • Ice cream was something that just came into my life at a time when I didn't really know what I was kind of doing.

  • This is pop culture inspired ice cream.

  • We have Jack and Jill, Truffle Shuffle, Ice Ice Baby, Pink Floyd, Mint Condition, Southern Hospitality, and we have Smooth Operator.

  • A bunch of famous people have come by here.

  • Future's a fan, Joakim Noah's a fan, Hillary Clinton's a fan.

  • We have a lot of other fans out there as well.

  • I'm good, I'm good, alright fellas.

  • I still live two blocks from the store.

  • Part of our job is to still be heavily in the community, and so if kids come in here with an A on their report card, we give them a free scoop of ice cream, just to show them that we are the same as them.

  • So I'm just a little older, but I'm still the same child at heart, and if you can find something that you like and you're passionate about, go forth and just go for it.

  • You know, don't not go for your dreams.

  • Go for every last one that you have.

Everybody loves ice cream.


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The Man Behind New York's Celebrity-Themed Ice Cream

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