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  • I think you should definitely go out with this guy.

  • Nah. He just doesn't do anything for me.

  • Monica, last Saturday night what happened on "Walker, Texas Ranger"?

  • Well, um, Walker was looking for this big busload of kids..

  • -All right, I get your point. -All right.

  • -Hi. - Hey.

  • You know, I forgot the combination to this about a year ago.

  • I just carry it around.

  • -You got any chap stick? -Uh, yeah.

  • Hey, how are those tapes working out for ya?

  • You know what, pretty good. Good!

  • I haven't smoked yet today.

  • I feel great and, and, and confident..

  • That is a stunning blouse.

  • -Thank you. -Here you go.

  • -Thanks. -Hey, Mon.

  • Let's give Pete a chance.

  • Come on, he was funny, he seems really nice and that check thing was adorable.

  • What check thing?

  • As a joke, this customer at work who has a crush on me gave me a $20,000 tip.

  • His number's on the check, he just did it so I'd call.

  • Pete Becker, Pete..

  • Is this him?

  • That's Bill Clinton.

  • Who's he hugging?

  • Oh, my God. That's Pete!

  • Why is Bill hugging Pete?

  • This guy invented Moss 865.

  • Every office in the world uses that program.

  • -We use it! -There you go.

  • Oh, my God. Monica's gonna go out with a millionaire.

  • No. I'm not gonna go out with him.

  • Oh, my God. I can't believe this is a real $20,000 check.

  • Oh, this is just so exciting.

  • Or incredibly offensive.

  • Well, yeah. Sure, that, too.

  • What?

I think you should definitely go out with this guy.


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Friends: Monica’s Thousand Dollar Tip (Season 3 Clip) | TBS

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