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  • Yo yo and welcome to the show, if you don't already know I'm R-Dizzle.

    Yo yo歡迎來看秀 怕你還不認識我 我是R-Dizzle

  • That's just a little taste. Welcome to how to be a rapper,

    這只是牛刀小試 歡迎來到『如何成為饒舌歌手』

  • if you don't already know my name is R-Dizzle and welcome to the show.

    怕你還不知道 我是R-Dizzle 歡迎來看秀

  • By the time you finish watching this video, you're gonna know

    看完這部影片後 你就會知道

  • how to rap like a PRO-FESSIONAL, YO, HOE, TOE.

    如何專業地饒舌 YO、鋤頭、腳趾頭

  • I just keep giving these rhymes out for free. You're welcome

    我就這樣免費送出這些押韻 不客氣

  • to the show. My name is R-Dizzle if you don't already know.

    來到這秀 怕你不知道 我是R-Dizzle

  • First thing you gotta do in order to be a rapper is to come up with your rapper name.


  • A lot of people spend way too much time choosing the rapper name, all you guys do is

    很多人花過多時間在選饒舌名 其實你只要

  • pick something simple and that makes sense to who you are.


  • For example, Eminem, he created that name because his real name is Marshall Mathers

    舉例來說 Eminem(阿姆)會取這名字是因為他本名叫Marshall Mathers

  • M&M get it, like the candy M&M's which happens to be a chocolate which is like

    M跟M 懂嗎?像M&M恰巧是巧克力就像

  • the phone he used to have back in the day, the chocolate cell phone and cell phone

    以前用的那種手機-巧克力機 而手機這字

  • has the word CELL in it like jail cell, jails sounds like the initial JO JO backwards

    裡有個CELL 就像監獄牢房 監獄(jail)聽起來就像JO JO倒過來

  • is like Oj, Oj not like the orange juice but like OJ Simson the convict, like

    就是OJ 不是柳橙汁(Orange Juice) 是OJ辛普森(美國運動員)這罪人(音似Konvict)

  • Konvict Muzik founded by AKON, AKON, acorn

    就像Konvict Muzik(唱片公司)由AKON(歌手)所成立 AKON 音似橡子

  • a corn on a cob, web, Webster's dictionary.

    就像梗上的玉米 網 網(韋)氏字典

  • Wind that back to acorn, a single corn, a unicorn, a unicorn which is mystical and magical

    回到橡子 一粒玉米 一隻獨角獸 一隻神祕又有魔力的獨角獸 (皆押corn)

  • the 2 Ms, the M and M and that's where EMINEM got his name, simple as that.

    這兩個M M&M就是Eminem這個名字的由來 如此簡單

  • The next thing you are going to need in order to be a rapper is your signature catchphrase,


  • you know something you shout out in the beginning of a song, so people know that's you singing,

    在歌一開始的時候喊出來 好讓別人知道這是你的歌

  • you know like Tyga always says: MUSTARD ON THE BEAT at the beginning of his songs.

    就像Tyga在歌一開始都會說:MUSTARD ON THE BEAT(芥末在巡邏)

  • Or like Trey Songz when he yells: YUUPPP! 50 Cent used to always say G-UNIT

    或像Trey Songz會喊:YUUPPP! ; 50 Cent則會說:G-UNIT

  • or even like 2 CHAINZ when he acts like a Pokemon and he says his own name, 2 CHAINZ

    或像2 CHAINZ會用神奇寶貝的方式喊自己的名字 "2 CHAINZ~"

  • Your catchphrase can be whatever you want it to be, just make sure it's unique, original and it doesn't sound like anybody else's.

    什麼樣的口頭禪都可以 只要確保它夠獨特、原創、與眾不同

  • Here are some tips that I made up to help you guys come up with your very own catchphrase:


  • You could buy a hotdog from a clumsy salesman


  • Oh sorry sir. Oh come on dude, you just got "MUSTARD ON MY FEET"

    噢先生抱歉 吼拜託老兄 你讓"MUSTARD ON MY FEET"(芥末在腳上)

  • You could answer your brother's girlfriend when she asks if your brother is up.

    當你哥的女友問你他起床了沒 你可以回:

  • Hello. Hey is your brother awake yet, he is not answering his phone?

    哈囉? 你哥起床沒?他沒回電話耶

  • "HE UP" You could act surprise when you find out about your friends not so masculine hobby.

    "HE UP"(音似YUUPPP) 當你發現朋友娘娘的嗜好時 可以回:

  • Hey bro you wanna play some ball? I think I'm just going to knit today. "GEE? You KNIT?"

    嘿兄弟 想打球嗎? 我今天只想打毛線。 "GEE! You KNIT?"(音似G-UNIT)

  • Or you can even be like a dentist who is really proud of his recent tooth replacement.


  • And we are done. "TOOTH Change!"

    完成囉 "TOOTH CHANGE!" (音似2 CHAINZ!)

  • Next you are going to need your signature look. Something that people will look at and instantly think of you and only you.

    接著你得有些識別物 讓別人一看到就只會想到你

  • For example, Lil Jon has a big ass cup,

    舉例來說 Lil Jon有個大杯子

  • or Pharrell has a big ass hat, Nicki Minaj has a big ass...concoction of colors on her face.

    Pharrell有個大帽子 Nicki Minaj有個大屁股...呃是臉上充滿色彩

  • Every rapper has to have their very own thing that only they do.


  • For me, I almost carry around a cell phone whether it's in my hand,

    像我無時無刻都帶著手機 不管是在我手上

  • in my pocket, in my bag it doesn't matter, it's my thing.

    在我口袋裡 在我袋子裡 都不重要 那是我的特色

  • That's how my fans recognize me and that's how I recognize my fans.

    我的粉絲就是這樣認出我的 也是我用來辨認粉絲的方式

  • Hey, I appreciate that, girl.

    嘿 謝啦女孩

  • Hey, thanks for the support bro.

    嘿老兄 感謝你的支持

  • Hey bro you got a cell phone on you? No, but I got a pager though.

    嘿老兄 你有手機嗎? 沒耶 但我有逼逼扣(呼叫器)

  • Oh, okay, so you're just a fan of my old stuff. Thanks man.

    哦 所以你是我的舊粉絲囉 謝啦老兄

  • In order to really sound like a rapper, you have to learn how to un-enunciate,

    要像個真正的饒舌歌手 你得學會 含滷蛋說話

  • Every rapper knows that the one thing you don't want people to do when they listen to your rap is understand it.


  • So you really wanna un-enunciate. So you want to not speak clearly,

    所以你得含滷蛋唱歌 講話要含糊

  • for example, if the line is MAN I LOVE THAT GIRL TWERKING ON THE DANCE FLOOR

    舉例來說 如過要講"我好愛那個在舞池扭臀的女孩"

  • which is a pretty common rap line. You just have to un-enunciate to make it sound more rappy.

    這是個很常見的歌詞 你只要含著滷蛋講就會更有饒舌感


    "Maah窩豪愛那菜舞痴妞臀的妞啊" 簡單吧

  • Once you got that down, the next thing is to pick your rapping style,

    這招學會後 下一步就是選一個饒舌風格

  • there's a lot of different rap styles out there that rappers like to use and you just gotta find the one that fits you,

    饒舌風格有很多種 你要選一個適合自己的

  • such as whisper rapping:

    像是 輕聲細語饒舌風:

  • Run girl trying to get your body wet, work that, let me see your drip sweat.

    跑啊女孩讓自己濕吧 動啊 讓我看到你滴汗

  • ASTHMA Rapping: Where is my inhaler.

    氣喘饒舌風:我的 吸入器 在哪

  • You can use lazy rapping like Drake, started at the bottom of the stairs, still at the bottom because there is too many stairs.

    你可以學Drake的懶人饒舌:從樓梯口開始 但還在樓梯口因為太多階了

  • Druggy rapping like Lil Wayne: Young Mula Baby...

    或Lil Wayne的吸毒饒舌:年輕富豪(其所屬公司)北鼻...

  • Angry rapping like Eminem: *** close your eyes *** ma!


  • As quietly as you possibly can to the point that almost sounds like mumbling rapping like Justin Bieber:

    或小聲到像是Justine Bieber那種的嘀咕饒舌:

  • If I was your boyfriend I would never let you go, I can take you place, catch a tiger by its toe. Some girl...

    我若是你男友就不會讓你走了 我可以帶你去天涯 抓老虎靠抓牠腳趾頭 有些女生...

  • Too fast to understand rapping like, Busta Rhymes:

    Busta Rhymes快到讓人聽不懂的饒舌:

  • Let's go, cause it doesn't really matter what I say, what I say, what I say, cause you can't understand anyway way way,

    開始吧 因為我說什麼我說什麼我說什麼我說什麼不重要 反正反正反正 你也聽不懂

  • cause the man in the back, 45 can get a 50, can I get a 55, 60 sold to the man in the black, in the black, in the black, in the black, in the black

    後面那位男士 45 有人出50嗎 55有不有 60賣給後面那位黑衣黑衣黑衣男士

  • Now you got all the tools you need to rap, the last thing you have to learn is how to write.

    現在你已經知道所有饒舌方法 最後一步:學會如何寫詞

  • In order to create a rap just like some of the most brilliant mainstream rappers we have today,


  • all you have to do is remember the international rappers MOTTO:


  • write it, rap it, spit it on a track when you want a new rap, it's as simple as that.

    想要出新歌就 寫詞 唱出來 吐在唱片上 就是如此簡單

  • If you can remember that MOTTO and apply all the lessons we covered so far,


  • you should sound a little something like this,


  • About to make some sound right now


  • that don't have any meaning, UH check Uh yo

    沒什麼意義的詞 嗯 來聽看看 嗯 yo

  • U wanna learn how to write a rap song? HE-UP

    你想學如何寫饒舌樂? HE-UP

  • U wanna learn how to sound like a mainstream rapper? GEE, YOU KNIT?

    你想學如何唱的像主流饒舌歌手?GEE, YOU KNIT?

  • Well imma show you how right now. TOOTH CHANGE. Check, check. MUSTARD ON MY FEET. Uh, check, check.

    我現在就示範給你看 TOOTH CHANGE. 來聽聽 MUSTARD ON MY FEET 嗯 來聽聽 嗯

  • Get your checkbook out. Get it out.

    拿出你的支票簿 拿出來

  • Write it all down for the right amount. Right amount. Wrap it in an envelope. Spit, to seal.

    全部寫下來 金額要對 金額要對 放進信封袋 用口水密封

  • And you be on track for a record deal! Rap record deal. Rap rap record deal.

    唱片合約就是囊中物了 饒舌唱片合約 饒饒舌唱片合約

  • Buy your lyrics from a writer.


  • Rap record deal. Rap rap record deal.

    饒舌唱片合約 饒饒舌唱片合約

  • Make this whole song in a minute. Rap record deals.

    一分鐘內唱完這整首 饒舌唱片合約

  • Oh my god, that's gross. TEEHEE.

    噢我的天 好噁 TEEHEE

  • Yo so thank you all so much for watching. If you wanna see the bloopers

    Yo yo非常感謝你的收看 想看更多NG及

  • and behind-the-scenes click the one on the left and the one on the right

    幕後畫面請點左邊 或請點右邊

  • because that one has the previous video. So have a good night.

    因為那裡有之前的影片 晚...安

Yo yo and welcome to the show, if you don't already know I'm R-Dizzle.

Yo yo歡迎來看秀 怕你還不認識我 我是R-Dizzle


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