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  • I love sailing. I love water sports.

  • Because one- it gives absolutely incredible sensations and

  • two - it's always been crammed with technology.

  • We find all these technological advances in the aeronautics world more and more.

  • I'm Benjamin David, founder of XSun, and would describe myself as an entrepreneur

  • an adventurer, and an innovator.

  • To me, we are at the beginning of a new era with a boom of autonomous machines on Earth.

  • The idea is to have machines in human's service, that's essential.

  • XSun develops autonomous unmanned aerial systems,

  • drones that operate on solar energy.

  • The SolarXOne drone will enable much simpler, much cheaper

  • and more autonomous data acquisition for different applications

  • like mapping, topography, agriculture and surveillance for different sectors.

  • So we will open new possibilities at the industrial, scientific or military levels.

  • For example, forest fire detection, preservation of species, even migrations,

  • and the ability to collect key or important information for different species on land.

  • We have taken into account from the beginning the energies around us

  • so in fact working around the energies and no longer trying to force nature but to work with nature.

  • It's a complete change of mindset in design.

  • With this adventure, we hope to push all industries toward a more carbon-free world.

  • If XSun could open more and more consciences on the fact

  • that using renewable energies is entirely possible today,

  • we would consider our mission as achieved.

I love sailing. I love water sports.


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B1 中級 美國腔

可持续发展先锋的肖像达索系统呈现XSun的本杰明大卫Benjamin David)(Portraits of Sustainability Pioneers: Dassault Systèmes presents Benjamin David of XSun)

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