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  • Meet Luminar.

  • What's Luminar, you ask?

  • Oh, they're THE autonomous technology company.

  • Which might make you think of one of these.

  • Or… those.

  • Or something like that.

  • Where you gotta do this.

  • And you can't really do that.

  • And you were hoping for this.

  • Speed control and guidance

  • become automatic with the flick of an instrument!”

  • But it's really more like

  • Trust the system! Trust the system!”

  • Nooooo” (tires screeching)

  • that.

  • That's why Luminar re-thought the entiredrive for youthing.

  • And is, finally,

  • Powering true hands-off and eyes-off autonomy.

  • But to do this, and fit it seamlessly into your car

  • required some pretty serious engineering.

  • From the chip-level up.

  • Because, to be truly safe

  • it needs to see more,

  • and to know what it's seeing.

  • To instantly understand what objects are

  • and where they're going

  • in any direction.

  • It gives your vehicle more time to react.

  • Oh, and Luminar's autonomous software is built for the future

  • which all adds up to one thing.

  • That's why people are noticing.

  • Especially people who care about safety.

  • Like, they really care about it.

  • So, now that you've met Luminar

  • get ready for real autonomy.

Meet Luminar.


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真正的自主权|光度(Real Autonomy | Luminar)

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