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How to leave a job on good terms?
While it may be tempting to tell your boss where he can sticks his letter opener when you're ready to quit
it's not a great career move
You will need a job to resign from and good stationery
Optional: acting skills
Step 1: Submit a letter of resignation that includes the position you are resigning from and your proposed last day of employment
Provide sufficient notice to your employer
Two weeks is customary
Step 2: Tell your supervisor you are quitting before you tell your office buddies
Resist the temptation to brag about your new job or trash your current one
Step 3: Continue to be a productive employee until you leave
You'd be amazed at how quick two weeks of slacking off can wipe out years of hard work
Step 4: Take the time to write a detailed memo about any projects in the works
Say that you will be accessible after you leave should any question arise
Step 5: If you plan to send a farewell email on your last day, keep the tone positive
Now is not the time for parting shots
Include your contact information in your farewell email
Step 6: A month or so after you leave, send a friendly note to your former colleagues
Let them know that as you continue to settle into your new surroundings, you think of them fondly
Did you know according to one survey,
the most common reasons for leaving a job are better pay, boredom, and lack of advancement


【職場的進擊】辭職的藝術,如何優雅地離開? How to resign gracefully?

46460 分類 收藏
Amber Chang 發佈於 2014 年 8 月 14 日    Amber Chang 翻譯    Colin Lin 審核
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