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  • Oh, this is so amazing.

  • I can't believe my brother's getting married, and in London.

  • I mean, it's just, it's so romantic.

  • Hey, pretty smart.

  • Tissue paper.

  • You're at the wedding, you have to cry.

  • "Handkerchief? No, no, I got my invitation."

  • Oh, look! Isn't this adorable?

  • Ross let Ben address mine.

  • -Hello. -Hey. -Hey.

  • Hey, did you get your invitation to Ross's wedding?

  • No.

  • Well, don't worry, man, I get to bring a guest.

  • We'll show him.

  • So jealous you're all going.

  • I can't believe I never knew that you can't fly in your third trimester.

  • -I didn't know either. -I never knew that either.

  • I knew that.

  • I so didn't know that, but you should see your faces.

  • -Hi, guys. What's up? -Hey.

  • -Hey. -We're hanging out.

  • What's this?

  • Is this Ross's wedding invitation?

  • See, maybe that's the one we should have actually hidden.

  • Oh, no, no, you guys. C'mon You don't have to do that

  • I'm happy for him.

  • I am. I really, I'm-I'm.

  • I-I'll work on it.

  • I'm sorry, honey.

  • Hmm.

  • Rach, you're gonna come though, aren't you?

  • Oh, honey. I don't know.

  • This isn't one of those, uh, you know "She doesn't come, we-we don't-we don't come," right?

  • Because I already bought my ticket.

  • You know what would be real weird?

  • Is if you weren't there.

  • Just say you'll think about it, okay?

  • No, I'll think about it.

  • No!

  • -You're really not going? -Yeah.

  • It's just gonna be too hard.

  • You know, I mean.. it's Ross.

  • How can I watch him get married?

  • You know, it's just, it's for the best, you know?

  • It is. It's..

  • You know, plus, somebody's got to stay here with Phoebe.

  • You know, she's gonna be pretty big by then and..

  • She'll need someone to help her tie her shoes.

  • Drive her to the hospital in case she goes into labor and..

  • You don't have a car.

  • And your license expired.

  • Yeah, see, there's so much to do, and I have so little time to do any of it.

Oh, this is so amazing.


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Friends: Rachel Opens Ross' Wedding Invitation (Season 4 Clip) | TBS

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