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Are you overweight?
Are you trying to lose three pounds?
Are you trying to get that perfect beach body just in time for summer?
if you answer yes in any those questions, then you're in luck!
Because I'm here today to tell you how to lose weight in under 24 hours.
My name is Ricky Dillion ,and I will be your last minute fitness fat lost extreme weight losing good-looking coach.
I've taken tips and tricks from my number 1 best selling book "How to lose weight fast" ,and I'm gonna show you some of them right now.
The first easy tip i have for you is to while you're eating jump up and down
because it cancels out the calories that you're consuming.
When you need to walk somewhere, instead of walking, do some crazy dance, such as salsa dancing, because it burns more calories.
This one may sound pretty obvious, but it really effective.
Just choose healthier options of food.
Hmm... I wanna snacks. Woo... How about a pack of chips?
Ricky! Don't forget your diet! Here's your bag of air.
Pick a common word and every time you hear somebody say that word, get down and do a pushup.
Hey you wanna hang out with me tonight?
Yeah! Let's do it.
What are you...?
Me me me me me me me me me me....
Instead of sitting like I am right now, squat!
Whatcha doing? Squat!
Your body stores fat when you're sleeping so a good way to prevent that is to do hip dress before you go to bed.
I am so tired.
Ahh... I almost forget my hip dress
A very common weight lost trick that people may not know is actually when you laugh you're burning fat and working your abdominal muscles.
So... just start laughing all the time.
Do you wanna see the jungles or the zombies?
As I'm saying... Do you really... Do you wanna get like smoothie or something?
Hire one of your close friends to slap you everytime you eat something unhealthy
if you have any pets and it starts getting really hyper, take him for a walk!
Hey, little Justin, come here!
Good boy!
Good job! Come on, let's go!
Do workout, take for fun workout video on YouTube.
What are you doing? Working out!
The next time you order that super-sized, extra cheese, extra grease, extra fat, cross triple cheeseburger with a large fries...
Order a Diet Coke
You will see the fat fly off your body.
Alright...focus on the time we have today...
Hopefully, one of these tricks or tips will help you lose a lot of fat in under 24 hours.
You can literally walk out of your house, looking like a new person.
You're welcome.
(This entire video was sarcasm, don't take me seriously)
So, if you guys enjoy this video, please give it a big thumbs-up for me and comment below some other crazy workout tips that you guys can think of.
Please check out the rest of my links, I have them all below. Follow me on Twitter all that stuffs...
Thank you to JC and Connor to help me out in this video, I have their links below as well.
I'll see you guys next Sunday... Okay...guys...see you later.




46005 分類 收藏
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