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  • - We've spent the last 50 years building a different kind of company.

  • With people at the center, balancing profitability and a social conscience.

  • So, who are we today?

  • What is Starbucks as we look to the future?

  • We are a people company which should be more clear now than ever before.

  • We are a coffee company for sure.

  • Coffee is at the very core of what we do.

  • But remember, this is a different kind of company.

  • One with scale that gives us the ability to affect change across the world and in each individual community that we serve.

  • What if we ask the really big questions without even being able to grasp what the answer might look like?

  • What are the things we dream we might do when we look up at the stars, when we are alone with our thoughts, bursting with possibilities, what are our moonshots?

  • Those things that may have nothing to do with coffee but everything to do with humanity and our planet.

  • One thought, one question and just like that, we've already started.

  • What if we helped strengthen communities so everyone can thrive?

  • What if we gave back even more to the planet than we take?

  • What if we fight for racial justice with equity and inclusion as if it was as essential as the air we breathe?

  • What if we spend the next 50 years using what we've learned in our last 50 to make people's lives better?

  • The planet better.

  • All of humanity better.

  • What if we always remember to never underestimate the power of one?

  • One idea

  • One store

  • One mission with one goal:

  • To be a different kind of company.

  • What if we stopped asking, what if and start asking why not.

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(upbeat music)


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Starbucks: Moonshots

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