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  • What a lot of people may not realize

  • about MIT's commencement is that the students

  • get their actual diploma as they walk across the stage.

  • And in order to accomplish that, it's

  • a very long, labor-intensive process.

  • It involves a lot of people and a lot of people

  • taking a lot of pride in the process

  • and really caring about the end result.

  • I have an opportunity to talk to many of my peers

  • in the print industry on college campuses across the country.

  • And when I talk about the fact that MIT students receive

  • their actual diploma at graduation, most of them

  • are astounded.

  • It's not the way it's generally done.

  • At MIT, we go through a tremendous process

  • that ensures graduates get their diploma when they walk off

  • the stage.

  • The first step in the process is to order

  • the stock, and actually, the diploma cases.

  • The stock has some standards.

  • It says Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

  • It has some language.

  • It's missing the vital information

  • of the name of the graduate, the type of degree, and the date.

  • And we print them here at MIT in copy tech.

  • We took over the diploma process in 2010.

  • At that time, it was a very long, drawn-out process

  • where the names of the graduating seniors

  • were done by calligraphers that registrar's office employed.

  • So throughout the entire process there's

  • multiple checks on the diploma.

  • There's 5,000 diplomas, and we go through them

  • and make sure that they all have the signatures printed on them,

  • the seal is there, because that's

  • something that is sometimes missing

  • and nobody wants a diploma with a missing--


  • --seal.

  • So people actually put a lot of effort into making the diplomas

  • and having them sorted so it was distributed correctly

  • to each student.

  • And when I was filing the application online,

  • I was actually asked to type down the phonetic pronunciation

  • of my name so they can pronounce my name correctly

  • during commencement.

  • And with that, I think the school actually

  • cares a lot about us, and they did actually

  • pronounce my name correctly.

  • And I really appreciate that.

  • I think part of what makes MIT such a special place is

  • the commitment, and the caring of all the people

  • that work here.

  • The caring about the students, the caring about the process,

  • the caring about the details.

  • Filing diplomas alphabetically isn't, all that interesting

  • but people are always willing to do it,

  • always willing to help out, make sure that everything is done

  • perfect for commencement day.

  • We deal with the freshmen when he comes in and has

  • no idea what to do, and then we get

  • to see them in the joy of having actually finished

  • the MIT education.

  • That all is encompassed in that sheet of paper

  • that they receive, walk off the stage,

  • and can actually open up and show to their family, friends,

  • and to themselves that they have graduated from MIT.




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珍贵论文:开课和麻省理工学院文凭(Precious Paper: Commencement and the MIT Diplomas)

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