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  • While beauty conveniently lies in the eyes of the beholder, the strings of beauty standards are being pulled by our doll makers.

  • And perhaps the most popular doll maker/string-puller is Ruth Handler - inventor of the Barbie, named after her daughter Barbara.

  • And apart from giving a lifetime of mommy issues to poor Barb, she also gave body-image issues to an entire generation of girls.

  • While getting "all dolled-up" may sound like a perfectly harmless phrase, you can cut your relatives some slack this time and blame your Barbie collection for the pressure it brings.

  • Let's Get Real: Barbie Girl may feel right at home, but imagine Barbie in real life.

  • She would be 5'9' with an 18-inch waist, weighing 50 kilos or less with F-cup breasts that her stick-thin legs would never be able to support.

  • Even Aunty Whisper would get upset with the lack of body fat and refuse to visit.

  • It's Not Child's Play

  • Despite the clear thumbs-down for this science-defying figure, it's what women have been aspiring to get for years!

  • Surveys show that girls exposed to Barbies feel inadequate... and are more prone to eating disorders, and low self-esteem.

  • So... I guess playtime really escalated.

  • Damage Control?

  • Now, the good news is that the doll population is sort of dying out.

  • And this could be partly blamed on the virtual upgrade of dress-up games.

  • I mean, why choose from only a handful of unrealistic options when you can choose from a million of them online.

  • But mostly, we're in the era of self-love, and Barbie's perfect bod is struggling to fit in - ironically.

  • In fact, in an effort to influence young girls in a positive manner, Mattel has been working on a top-secret exercise over the last few years called "Project Dawn."

  • It's finally dawned upon them that they need to launch a curvy Barbie.

  • This Women's Day, the toy giant launched a role model Barbie series, featuring 19 real women, to tackle its drop in sales.

  • Tea-time with your dolls can now feature brilliant ladies like artist Frida Kahlo, Chef Hélène Darroze, NASA mathematician Katherine Johnson, and pilot Amelia Earhart!

  • It's taken them over five long decades to realize that they have been setting unrealistic, incorrect, unhealthy, unachievable beauty standards for young girls.

  • But hey, one inch at a time, right?

  • Here's hoping for more healthy beauty standards to subscribe to!

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While beauty conveniently lies in the eyes of the beholder, the strings of beauty standards are being pulled by our doll makers.


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The Barbie Effect - Dolls, Beauty Standards and Body Image Issues

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