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  • well hello everyone and welcome back to  the channel today we're hopping back into  


  • our patagonia argentina footage and well  we're going to be showing you everything  


  • we filmed during our supposed week of no  filming we have a flat tire well not us  

    在我們假定的不拍攝一周內拍攝的 所有東西, 我們輪胎a了,不是我們,

  • but our friend's vehicle that's right the plan  was to take a week off but the thing is our  


  • camera is never too far so this video is going to  be a collection of some of our favorite moments  

    相機永遠都不過分,因此該視頻將是我們最 喜歡的巴塔哥尼亞小鎮埃爾·博爾森·里奧·內格羅

  • in our favorite patagonian town of el bolson rio  negro so join us as we visit all the cats and dogs

    的一些我們最喜歡的時刻的集合, 所以請加入我們當我們拜訪所有的貓和狗

  • spend quality time with friends and learn the  art of drinking out of a leather wine skin  


  • this video is about as chill and  unplanned as it gets like this


  • oh my gosh  


  • first up priorities being back in town we knew we  needed to visit doggo the first time we came to el  

    首要任務是回到城鎮,我們知道我們第一次去 阿根廷的 時候需要去

  • bolson argentina we ended up renting a cabin  and we quickly befriended the neighbor's dog  


  • he would sneak over to the property and we  would feed him steak and it wasn't long before  

    他偷偷溜到了 旅館 ,我們給他餵了牛排,不久之後

  • he was accepting belly rubs well we were super  happy to see that he was still around and that  


  • he remembered us he also had a girlfriend with  him this time around so here's that encounter

    他惦記著我們,他還與他的女友,這一次所以這裡的 來訪聲張,我們花了在洛杉磯的日子遠足

  • after visiting doggo we spent the day  hiking in los alerces national park  

    後 遭遇 alerces國家公園

  • the scenery on the drive over was nothing short of  spectacular and we kept pulling over for pictures


  • well good afternoon guys it is a sunday yes you  can talk i'm just filming you guys can talk it's  


  • okay it's a sunday and today we are takinglittle excursion with our friend valentine we  


  • hopped in his car and we've been driving towards  parque nacional los ales this is a place that we  


  • visited on our last trip to patagonia argentina  um but we mostly saw like the southern part of  

    我們上次去阿根廷巴塔哥尼亞的旅程中去過 的地方, 但我們大多看到 公園

  • the park we didn't go to the northern part  because we were only here on a day trip so  

    的南部, 我們沒有去過北部,因為我們只是在這裡一日遊,所以

  • yeah today we're driving out here we're gonna do  a bit of hiking it looked like it was gonna be a  


  • rainy day but the sun has come out now so that's  very nice we've also got a second car full of  


  • valentine's friends so we're a little  group of seven here seven keen hikers  


  • yes so it'll be good we got some food we're  doing a little picnic lunch and we're already  


  • in the park so we're just driving up to the  trail and this wall take him on a little


  • excursion  


  • we made it to the park the national park los  alerces beautiful day to be out and about  

    我們到了國家公園los alerces美好的一天去公園,大約

  • we found a nice flat trail next to the river  just however you're loving the flat trail  


  • super easy audrey's kind of trail right up  my alley and i'm hoping we can see a women  


  • i've been told it's like a little deer like  a little bambi well we've got this crosstalk  


  • we've got the cameras out off the cameras we've  got a beautiful trail that's going right by the  

    我們把相機從相機中取出了, “這裡有一條美麗的小路,就在

  • river here yeah hopefully we don't scare the  little guys away with our voices hopefully not


  • we have a flat tire well not us  


  • but our friend's vehicle so we are  stopped in the middle of the national park  


  • changing tires thankfully everyone here knows  how to change a tire so that's good news  


  • hey

  • we're going to check out the  glacier no we're not perhaps  


  • from a different place what'd you say  a different lookout what are we doing  


  • we're looking for the glacier we saw it  on our boat excursion a few months back  


  • yeah now we're going to admire it actually the  clouds are rolling in so we should probably hurry


  • so  

  • so we've been having a great time revisiting one  of our favorite national parks here in argentina  

    所以我們一直在很 開心地 參觀我們 在阿根廷公園最喜歡的國家公園之一

  • parque los alerces yes

    los alerces是的,

  • yep we were chilling out by the port the deck area  and it's cool because we visited the north part  


  • of the park the area we didn't get  to go when we came earlier this year  

    公園 的北部 ,這是我們今年初來時沒去的地方

  • and then we got to come back to our favorite  part which was some of the hiking here  


  • that we did get to visit so yeah a little bit of  new a little bit of old yeah and great company  

    ,我們確實去拜訪了,是的,是的,是的,是的,是的,是的,是的, 今天的

  • today it was nice hanging out with uh with all  seven of the people really nice very friendly we  

    公司很棒 ,很高興和呃在一起,所有的七個人都非常好,非常友好,我們

  • were laughing a lot enjoying good food we got lost  in the woods we got lost in the woods what else do  


  • you want on a sunday flat tire flat tire that's  pretty lively yeah definitely lively i think  

    你還想要 什麼? nday tire胎flat胎很活潑,是的,肯定活潑。我想

  • we're going back into town and i think we might be  going out for to have steak with valentine tonight


  • and yes in true argentine fashion we enjoyed  a steak and wine once we were back in town


  • we also visited a few lakes and went on some  different hikes even on the gray rainy days


  • and we can't forget the following epic  dinner which turned into a dance party


  • wait what kind of bad luck do you get


  • history

    這是我們的 歷史 嗎? 朋友,他的名字叫alfonsine, 這是呃,鄰居正在尋找這些外國人在用貓

  • this is our friend his name is alfonsine  

    和照相機 做什麼?

  • this is uh the neighbors are looking out like  what are these foreigners doing with a cat  


  • and a camera this is valentine's cat we had met  him on our previous trip because he likes to  

    在小鎮yah 上

  • wander around town yeah and yeah we came across  him hello then we invited him over for some pets  


  • some pets we get some pets we get some  love i get some pets and some gloves


  • is beautiful it's a very sociable  cat always out and about around town  


  • we weren't kidding when we said that we planned  to visit all the dogs we knew around town  


  • so here is another pupper who was either  a bit nervous or very excited to see us


  • and of course it wouldn't have beenproper visit without a barbecue or two  


  • this part of the video is a mix of spanish  english and french but you get the idea  


  • my favorite part has to be sam learning to drink  wine out of the leather wine skin it was so nice

    我最喜歡的部分是山姆學習從皮革酒皮中喝葡萄酒, 昨天

  • yesterday i know again  

    真是太好了, 我再次知道

  • you forgot yes i'm used to speaking in english  this uh the last week so it's very hard for me


  • oh no with the cat we cuts too yeah no we should  do it no no no so you don't eat inside i'll see


  • oh

  • okay


  • i didn't see it were you pretending


  • just anywhere you can do it on here  


  • no um go into it please let me yeah you're from  there with the fire don't uh that is making the


  • like this yes you start close


  • show us show us what you're made of


  • see oh yes yeah yeah yeah ready  you're like in the face we're ready go


  • go

  • see something


  • that's very fun

    很有趣的 東西 ,

  • oh perfecto


  • i only speak food


  • oh

  • and that's pretty much what we got up to aside  from that we visited a few different tea houses


  • we saw some beautiful waterfalls  in the outskirts of town


  • and we shared dinner with friends old and new


  • we hope you enjoyed these little snippets of a  

    希望您在 阿根廷北部巴塔哥尼亞

  • week in northern patagonia argentina and  we'll see you soon with another episode

    享受 一周的 這些小片段, 我們會看到你很快與另一個情節

  • tata


  • you

well hello everyone and welcome back to  the channel today we're hopping back into  



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