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  • Now you guys have two choices.

  • You either leave quietly,

  • we take the body,

  • or you stay,

  • we beat the shit out of you,

  • we take the body.

  • Besides, me and Billy found him first.

  • Yeah, Vern told us how you found him.

  • (In high pitch voice) Oh Billy, I wish we never boosted that car.

  • Oh Billy, I think I just turned my Fruit of the Looms into a fudge factory.

  • That's it, your- your ass is grass!

  • Hold it.

  • Ok, Chambers you little faggot.

  • This is your last chance.

  • Whaddya say, kid?

  • Why don't you go home and fuck your mother some more?

  • You're dead.

  • Come on, Chris, let's split.

  • -They're not taking him. -Come on, man, that's crazy.

  • They're not taking him.

  • He's got a knife, man!

  • Ace, come on, man.

  • You're gonna have to kill me, Ace.

  • No problem!


  • You're not taking him.

  • Nobody's taking him.

  • Come on kid, just give me the gun before you take your foot off.

  • You ain't got the sack to shoot a woodchuck.

  • Move Ace.

  • I'll kill you, I swear to god.

  • Come on, Lachance, gimme the gun.

  • You must have at least some of your brother's good sense.

  • Suck my fat one. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • you cheap dime-store hood.

  • What're ya gonna do, shoot us all?

  • No, Ace.

  • Just you.

Now you guys have two choices.


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You're Not Taking Him - Stand by Me (7/8) Movie CLIP (1986) HD

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