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  • Using Mindfulness, you've reached your goal.

  • What you've been striving for.

  • Now, take a beat to slow down and focus your breathing.

  • Observe and store away every detail of what is around you, so you can recall it later.

  • It's time to prepare for what is next.

  • Capturing the atmosphere of valuable moments is a crucial step to mindfulness.

  • Make mental notes of the good and bad feelings so you can use them as tools in the future.

  • As you prepare to face your next big challenge, recalling the moments of doubt that you have already overcome leading up to this will serve as a foundation of confidence.

  • By calming and centering yourself, you will be able to channel that certainty and remind yourself of your will to keep going.

  • Mindfulness is a commitment.

  • Create time every day to unplug and reflect about where you are now.

  • Remember how unpredictable the road has been to get where you are now.

  • Breathe deep,

  • quiet the noise,

  • stay centered,

  • and you will enter the Olympic State of Mind.

  • Master that skill, so all you have left to do is chase your dream.

Using Mindfulness, you've reached your goal.


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Use Mindfulness to remain calm | Olympic State of Mind

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