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Every time, there are questions.
First, would a PS2 port retain the quality of the original? Then, would a version with
motion control work, and would a port two years later even be relevant? Now, does HD
warrant another look at a game released only seven years ago? And every single time, Resident
Evil 4 offers a retort as forceful and...curt as a well-placed headshot. “Yes, Virginia.
There is a Leon Kennedy.”
“And he’s still better than everyone else.”
You can praise this game for a million different things and be correct on all counts. In fact,
if you want to hear us do precisely that for nearly eight minutes, watch our review of
the GameCube original. But suffice to say, Resident Evil 4 is a modern masterpiece and
a real landmark in contemporary game design, not to mention one of my favorite games of
But of course, this is not the original version. This is the so-titled Wii Edition, which released
in 2007. A lot of Wii owners—myself included—were very disappointed back then to learn that,
as other systems got Resident Evil 5, we were getting a remake of a game many of us had
just played dozens of times. But looking back on the situation years later, I mean...Wii
owners kind of got the better end of the deal.
This is the best version of one of the best games ever.
If you’ve never played it, please do so. You play as Leon Kennedy, you’re off to
an isolated part of Europe to rescue the president’s daughter, you’re playing one of the greatest
horror games of all freaking time. And yes, I call it a horror game because Resident Evil
4 is scary, unsettling, creepy...any number of adjectives work here, provided they denote
the attributes of a horror game. Cojelo! Cojelo!
What’s really remarkable about this particular version is how it plays. The same stunning
art, masterful use of mood and stellar game design apply, only with controls that actually
improve the gameplay experience. Leon’s tank-like movement remains, and as long as
Resident Evil lives, so will that. But the revelation is how shooting a weapon benefits
from pointing at the screen.
At first, it feels strange. So does walking when you’re a toddler. But for aiming in
a shooter, the Wii Remote truly is walking to dual analog’s crawling. You get used
to it in minutes, and afterward, there’s no going back. The accuracy, the speed, the
swiftness of control...all superior. In fact, it’s almost to the detriment of the game.
Shooting your enemies in the face has never been easier.
Nor has shooting those damn birds.
Motion is kept minimal, and when applied, you’re glad it is. It’s never a benefit
to the game, at least not to the degree the pointer is...another example of why the pointer
has always been the real revolution of Nintendo’s console. But another big improvement is the
addition of widescreen support, which the GameCube version didn’t have.
In fact, this version has all the extra content of the PS2 port, but with the GameCube’s
superior graphics and real-time cut scenes. Add the widescreen, the improved controls
and the fact that is truly is a benchmark for modern game design, and Resident Evil
4: Wii Edition may be a port, but it’s also a must-have for any Wii owner.
Morir es vivir! Morir es vivir!


[電玩遊戲 Nintendo Wii版惡靈古堡4遊戲回顧]CGRundertow RESIDENT EVIL 4: WII EDITION for Nintendo Wii Video Game Review

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