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  • Check it out!

  • Squeaks and I built a well!

  • A well is something you can use to get water from deep under the ground.

  • The Fort already has one, but we wanted to make a smaller version that works the same

  • way, bringing water from one place to another using science.

  • And you can make one, too!

  • We'll show you how we did it, and why it works.

  • Are you ready, Squeaks?

  • [Squeaks squeaks affirmatively]

  • All you'll need is a cup, some rocks, water, a bottle of soap with a pump top, and a grown-up

  • to help out.

  • If you want, you can also add food coloring to the water so you can see it more easily.

  • What color should we use this time, Squeaks?

  • [Squeaks answers]

  • Ooh Great suggestion!

  • We'll use Sky Blue!

  • Okay, now we're ready to start.

  • First, place your rocks in your cup or jar, until its about halfway full

  • And now fill it half way full of water

  • And now we'll add the food coloring

  • This cup will act like the earth, with water hiding deep underground between all of the

  • bits of rock and dirt.

  • Make sure to wash all the soap off your pump like we have and put it in the jar, so that

  • the pipe part touches the water.

  • OK, Squeaks, now we have to prime the pump.

  • That just means pumping it a few times, until there's enough water inside the smaller

  • section at the top, called the storage chamber, for it to work.

  • To make sure I don't make a mess, I'm going to put a cup under my pump first

  • When I push down on the pump, it forces some air out.

  • You can see that there's air in the bubble from the leftover soap.

  • Then, when I let go, it pulls some of the water up through the pipe and into the storage

  • chamber.

  • It's a lot like sucking on a straw, except you're doing it with the pump instead of

  • your mouth.

  • As we keep pumping, more and more water goes up the pipe, and when the storage chamber

  • is full, that means the pump is primed.

  • Before, when we pushed down on the pump, air came out.

  • But now that it's primed, let's see what happens.

  • Look at that, we've created our very own well!

  • [Squeaks points out that they don't need to pump the Fort's well to make it work]

  • That's a good observation, Squeaks.

  • We don't need to pump the Fort's well with our hands to get water from the sink.

  • Which is nice, because that would be a lot of work!

  • Instead, many wells use an electric pump to do the same job.

  • Instead of someone pumping the well by hand, a machine does it automatically, using the

  • same motions to pump water up through the pipes and into the storage chamber.

  • As long as the storage chamber stays full, whenever I turn on a faucet that's connected

  • to the chamber, water will come out.

  • This means that instead of going out to pump a well whenever I need water, I can have a

  • machine do it while I do other things, like experiments with my best buddy.

  • [Squeaks checks who that is]

  • Of course that's you, Squeaks!

  • I love learning about science and machines with you.

  • What should we try next?

  • Should we use our well to pump something like juice or milk?

  • Do you think it'll work with something thick like syrup?

  • If you try this out for yourself, let us know what you learn from your experiments!

  • Ask a grown-up to help you leave a comment below, or send us an email at

  • We'll see you next time, here at the Fort.

Check it out!


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让自己好起来!(Make Your Own Well! | Science Project for Kids)

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