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  • Hi, I'm Carl Azuz with your daily overview of current events.

    你好,我是 Carl Azuz,為你帶來每日時事。

  • A cyberattack has shut down America's largest fuel pipeline, and this is brought up concerns about everything, from how vulnerable America's infrastructure is to how much this could impact fuel prices.


  • As far as those are concerned, the national average for 1 gallon of gasoline was 2 dollars and 97 cents on Monday.

    就這些而言,一加侖汽油的全國平均價格在週一為 2.97 美元。

  • That's 60% higher than it was at this time last year when Americans weren't driving as much during COVID related shutdowns.

    比去年這個時候高 60%,當時美國在疫情造成的封城下沒有那麼常開車。

  • The Colonial Pipeline Company transports about 45% of all the fuel consumed on the US East Coast.

    Colonial Pipeline 公司運輸的燃料約佔美國所有消費的 45%。

  • It found out Friday it had been hit by a cybersecurity attack.


  • Colonial says the computer virus involves something called ransomware.

    Colonial 公司表示,這種電腦病毒涉及一種叫勒索軟體的東西。

  • What this does is encrypt or lock up important information until a person or organization pays a ransom to get it back again.


  • This is a growing threat to computer systems and the security company McAfee says it's nearly impossible to get files back without paying the ransom unless the attacker backs off.

    這對電腦系統的威脅越來越大,保全公司 Mcafee 表示,除非攻擊者退縮,否則不支付贖金就幾乎不可能拿回文件。

  • So who is the attacker?


  • The US Federal Bureau of Investigation says it's a criminal group that originated in Russia.


  • We don't know if Colonial plans to pay the ransom; the federal government says because it's a private company, it's up to Colonial to decide.

    我們不知道 Colonial 公司是否打算支付贖金,聯邦政府表示因為它是一間私人公司,所以這取決於 Colonial 公司的決定。

  • We can tell you that in the past year, ransomware victims have paid more than 350 million dollars to get their files back.

    我們可以告訴你,在過去的一年裡,勒索軟體的受害者已經支付了超過 3.5 億美元的費用來取回他們的文件。

  • The US government's telling infrastructure providers to do all they can to protect themselves from cyberattacks.


  • Colonial says it was able to shut down its operations before the virus could impact its physical equipment systems, the ones that actually operate the oil pipelines.

    Colonial 公司表示,它能夠在病毒影響其物理設備系統,就是實際操作石油管道的系統之前關閉其業務。

  • It says its smaller systems are now up and running again, but its 4 main lines are still shut down and it may take until the end of the week until it's fully operational.


  • The government says there's not a shortage of gasoline at the moment and an oil expert says a disruption of a couple days isn't typically a big deal.


  • However, if Colonial's pipes stay closed through this week or longer, the problems this creates and the price rises it causes could be much greater.

    然而,如果 Colonial 公司的石油管道在本週或更長時間內保持關閉,這造成的問題和它引起的價格上漲可能會更大。

  • According to the Education Week News Organization, 2 US states currently have orders in effect that some schools must remain closed out of coronavirus concerns, 14 states currently have orders that schools must be open, offering in-person learning.

    根據《教育週刊新聞組織》的說法,因新冠病毒的關係,美國有兩州已下達讓一些學校保持關閉的命令,目前有 14 個州下令學校必須開放提供面授。

  • The remaining states don't have an order in effect, meaning the decision's up to individual school districts.


  • To be open or not to be openthat has been an ongoing challenge for educators, students, and parents since almost all schools were closed last year after Covid reached America.


  • Here's a tale of two districts on opposite sides of the country.


  • What does the G.C.F. stand for?

    G.C.F. 代表什麼意思?

  • Since last September, 11-year-old Nivea Bailey has spent every school day here at Charleston Progressive Academy.

    自去年 9 月以來,11 歲的海軍 Nivea Bailey 每天在查爾斯頓進步學院上課。

  • It was very important for me to get her back in school.


  • Equally important was that Nivea's schedule has allowed her mother, Charlene, to maintain hers.

    同樣重要的是,Nivea 的行程讓她的媽媽 Charlene 也可以回復她的行程。

  • I work as a physician office specialist, so I have to be at work 5 days a week.


  • Parents in the Charleston County School District in South Carolina have had the option to send their children for five-day-a-week in-person learning since the school year began.


  • As more parents became more comfortable, they came backour teaching staff and other personnel.


  • We're, of course, apprehensive, but they were willing to come back after they saw the conditions, the safety measures we had taken.


  • Superintendent Gerrita Postlewait says that today, nearly 80 percent of the district's 50,000 students are back in school fulltime.

    校長 Gerrita Postlewait 說,今天該地區 50,000 名學生中,近 80% 的學生已全天制重返學校。

  • Nearly 3,000 miles away, things look strikingly different.

    近 3000 英里的距離,情況截然不同。

  • April 12 and we reopened our schools.

    4 月 12 日 我們重新開放學校。

  • In San Francisco's public schools, a district roughly the same size as Charleston's, Deputy Superintendent Gentle Blythe says full in-person instruction is only offered for preschool and special needs students across the entire district.

    在舊金山的公立學校中,學區副校長 Gentle Blythe 表示,在與查爾斯頓校區規模大致相同的一個學區中,僅向學齡前和有特殊需要的學生提供面授。

  • K through 12 students recently started a hybrid plan.

    幼稚園到 12 年級的學生最近開始採取混合制。

  • While San Franciscocertainly, I thinkhas gotten a lot of attention for being a district that hasn't reopened as quickly as many parents would have liked, we're certainly not alone within our state.


  • More than half of all California public school students are still learning virtually and only 13 percent are in full in-person instruction.

    超過一半的加州公立學校學生仍然在進行線上學習,只有 13% 的學生進行面授。

  • Why is there still this inability to offer in-person learning?


  • We wish we could have done it sooner, but we are moving in that direction and we have committed to a full in-person return In the Fall.


  • A majority of school districts across the country find themselves in a position somewhere between Charleston and San Francisco.


  • According to the Department of Education, more than half of K through 8 public schools have fully reopened for in-person learning, but many also intend to keep a hybrid and online option for those families who want it, even in Charleston, where district officials say nearly 500 families have applied.

    根據教育部的數據,超過一半的幼稚園至 8 年級的公立學校已經完全重新開放,可以面授學習,但許多學校也打算為想要的家庭保留混合和線上的選擇,甚至是在查爾斯頓,該地區的官方表示有近 500 個家庭已經提交申請。

  • There will be families who have really concrete, legitimate reasons to remain virtual in terms of medical fragility.


  • And so we think it's important to offer a virtual academy option.


  • But Principal Wanda Wright-Sheats is optimistic that most students will be back in classes.

    但校長 Wanda Wright-Sheats 對大多數學生將回到教室上課保持樂觀。

  • Academically, the program would work better if they were here with us; socially, for students, being with their peers is better than being isolated.


  • 10-second trivia: What was the name of the first horse to win the Kentucky Derby?

    10 秒問答:第一匹贏得肯塔基德比大賽的馬叫什麼名字?

  • Aristides, Sir Barton, Spokane, or Seabiscuit


  • With jockey Oliver Lewis on his back, Aristides won the first Kentucky Derby in 1875.

    阿里斯蒂德在 1875 年贏得了第一屆肯塔基德比大賽,當時的騎師是 Oliver Lewis 。

  • Though Seabiscuit is one of the most famous American horses, he never ran in the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness Stakes, or the Belmont Stakes, the three events that make up the Triple Crown of horse racing.


  • However, Seabiscuit did once beat a Triple Crown winner named War Admiral in a head-to-head match race.

    然而,海餅乾確實曾經在交戰比賽時擊敗一匹叫 War Admiral 的三冠王。

  • Every year after the Kentucky Derby, racing fans wonder what kind of chances the winner has of capturing the next two races for the Triple Crown.

    每年的肯塔基德比大賽後, 賽馬迷們想知道冠軍有什麼樣的機會奪取三冠王的後兩場比賽。

  • 13 horses have done this since 1919, but the animal that won on May 1 of this year may not be allowed to compete in the other races.

    自 1919 年以來,有 13 匹馬做到了,但今年 5 月 1 日贏的那匹馬可能不被允許參加其他比賽。

  • Here's why.


  • Medina Spirit's Kentucky Derby win is in doubt after a positive drug test revealed traces of an anti-inflammatory that can mask health issues in horses before a race.

    Medina Spirit 肯塔基德比大賽的勝利令人存疑,因驗出有抗發炎藥物反應,該藥可掩蓋馬匹賽前的健康問題。

  • I spoke with Hall of Fame trainer Bob Baffert and he unequivocally denied any wrongdoing and said that this drug was not administered to his Kentucky Derby winning horse.

    我與名人堂的練馬師 Bob Baffert 進行了交談,他明確否認有任何不當行為,並說這種藥物沒有被用於他的肯塔基德比大賽冠軍馬。

  • He was, however, emotional after learning the news and speaking with reporters earlier this morning.


  • Yesterday, I got the biggest gut punch in racing for something that I didn't do, and this is reallyit's disturbing, it's an injustice to the horse.


  • We're now waiting on the results of additional tests that will ultimately determine whether or not the horse is disqualified as a Kentucky Derby winner.


  • And Bob Baffert also has the right to appeal those results as well, a process that could take a very long time to adjudicate.

    而 Bob Baffert 也有權對這些結果提出上訴,一個可能需要非常長的時間來裁決的過程。

  • Churchill Downs has also suspended Bob Baffert from training or running any horses on their property until the situation is resolved, a result that he told me was incredibly disappointing, as he has a lot of respect for the Kentucky Derby as he put it and would never do anything to jeopardize a result there.

    丘吉爾唐斯賽馬場也暫停了 Bob Baffert 在他們的場地訓練或騎乘任何馬匹,直到情況解決,他告訴我這一結果令人難以置信地失望,因為正如他所說,他非常尊重肯塔基德比大賽,絕不會做任何影響比賽結果的事情。

  • In the meantime, organizers of the Preakness Stakes are gathering their own information as the second leg of the Triple Crown is right around the corner scheduled for next Saturday.


  • They will ultimately determine whether or not Medina Spirit will be allowed to run there.

    他們將最終決定是否允許 Medina Spirit 出賽。

  • Carolyn Manno, CNN, New York.

    CNN 的 Caroline Manzo 在紐約進行報導。

  • For our last story today, I'd like to welcome our special guest, random.


  • This is a roller coaster, it's named Orion, it's part of the Kings Island amusement park in Ohio.

    這是個雲霄飛車,它被命名為 「獵戶座」,它是俄亥俄州國王島遊樂園的一部分。

  • But Carl, what's so random about that?

    但是 Carl,這哪裡奇怪?

  • Well, test riding it are 32-plus dolls made in the likeness of the late painter Bob Ross.

    是這樣的,搭乘測試的是 32 個按照已故畫家鮑勃羅斯的樣子製作的毛絨娃娃。

  • And if one of those is something you just got to have, the park says you can win one by playing one of its midway games in the season ahead.


  • It'll take skillnot a happy little accidentto win a Bob Ross, but if there's nothing wrong with having a tree as a friend, a plush shouldn't make your skin flush with a blush if you have more fun than most people by experiencing the joy of painting, rollercoaster riding, and generally being Bob Rossome.


  • I'm Carl Azuz hoping all your trees are happy ones.

    我是 Carl Azuz,希望你所有的樹都是快樂的。

  • Northport High School gets today's shout-out for subscribing and leaving a comment on our YouTube channel.

    今天的致敬對象是在我們的 Youtube 頻道上留言的北港高中。

  • Hello to everyone watching from North Port, Florida.


Hi, I'm Carl Azuz with your daily overview of current events.

你好,我是 Carl Azuz,為你帶來每日時事。

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