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  • Sometimes we need to complain.


  • But how can we do this politely and in a British way?


  • First, we can begin 'would like to' to say what we want.

    首先,我們可以從 「would like to」作為開頭來表達我們想說的。

  • 'Hi i would like to speak to the manager. Yes, I'd like to complain.'


  • We can say 'I am unhappy about' plus a noun phrase.


  • 'Yes, I am unhappy about my late delivery.'


  • We can also add 'very' or 'really' to make this stronger.


  • 'Yeah, I'm really unhappy about this.'


  • We can also say 'it's unacceptable that' plus a clause.


  • 'Yeah, it's unacceptable that my delivery is late.'


  • Remember, don't lose your temper.


  • This means 'don't become too angry' - it's rude to lose your temper.

    這意味著 「不要變得太憤怒」- 發脾氣是不禮貌的。

  • This is good advice - we can say this to people who are angry with us:

    這是一個很好的建議 - 我們可以對那些對我們生氣的人這樣說:

  • 'Alright! Don't lose your temper.'


Sometimes we need to complain.


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一分鐘學會如何有禮貌地投訴 (How to complain politely - English In A Minute)

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