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  • Welcome to our Mother's Day show.

  • Yay, today the audience is full of first-time mommas, and for the first time this year, we have first-time dads, surrogates, and adoptive parents in the audience.

  • Yay.

  • There are all different kinds of families.

  • We want to celebrate them all.

  • I wish you could be here in the studio.

  • This is one of my favorite shows, so I'm really bummed, because I love having all the pregnant women in here, and seeing you dancing when you're pregnant.

  • And it's exciting because the baby might fall out.

  • So exciting.

  • But I'm glad you're here virtually, and, uh, it's good that you're home because you know where your bathroom is.

  • That's important, I guess.

  • Boy, you're expecting during a pandemic.

  • While some people were baking a banana bread, you were putting a bun in the oven.

  • I-I guess the pandemic wasn't stressful enough for you, you decided to add another human into the mix.

  • I hope you like them because they're going to be living with you for a long, long time.

  • So, I can only see your faces.

  • Hopefully someone is at the other end massaging your feet, because the only thing that gets bigger than your boobs during pregnancy are your ankles, so I hear.

  • I am not going to tell you that having a newborn is, uh, hard, even though I've heard it's hard.

  • I've heard it's so, so, so hard.

  • So hard.

  • I won't mention it because it's too late, you know, there's no going back now.

  • You're in it.

  • So me telling you how hard it is it's not going to help you right now, so I'm not going to say anything about how hard it is to have a newborn.

  • Because it's hard.

  • So, "mums" the word.

  • Nothing.

  • A lot of you been working, uh, from home, and no one has seen you for a year and a half, and now you're going to show up with a baby.

  • It's like, um, like in the old days when they would send pregnant ladies away to have their babies in a convent, but your version is a lot better.

  • Unless you want to have a baby in a convent, I'm not judging - It's your...

  • I'm not a mother.

  • I've never been pregnant, so I've always been able to see my toes.

  • But, I have a mother, and I know mothers, so I get the gist.

  • Uh, it's incredible.

  • You're bringing new life unto this planet, and it'll be like a love that you've never ever known in your life, even though it's going to be hard, hard, so hard.

Welcome to our Mother's Day show.


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Ellen Warns First-Time Parents About How Parenting Is Hard(Ellen Warns First-Time Parents About How Parenting Is Hard)

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