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  • Hi there!

  • You're just in time!

  • Squeaks and I are hoping to discover some amazing things today!

  • We have three rocks that we think are geodes!

  • Have you ever seen one?

  • Geodes are rocks that look like regular rocks on the outside, but inside they're filled

  • with beautiful crystals!

  • Finding one is exciting because it can take geodes thousands or even millions of years

  • to form.

  • They start out as rocks that form with empty spaces in them.

  • Sometimes there's an empty space because of bubbles of gas inside the rock, especially

  • if the rock comes from a volcano.

  • Other times, there used to be something like a tree root inside the rock, but it broke

  • down over time and left an opening in the rock.

  • Then, water from rain or rivers can get into that empty space, and over time, the water

  • leaves behind minerals.

  • A mineral is a kind of natural material that isn't alivelike a crystal!

  • There are tiny bits of minerals in water, and those little pieces get left behind as

  • water flows through the empty space in the rock.

  • And if that happens enough over a very long time, the minerals start to build onto each

  • other and form crystals.

  • So the bigger the crystals inside a geode, the older the geode is.

  • Our geodes look pretty small, so if there are crystals in them, they're probably small.

  • What do you think, Squeaks?

  • You're right, there's only one way to find out!

  • Let's break these open!

  • If you want to try this at home, you can collect geodes from certain places where there are

  • lots of them, called geode beds.

  • Or you can buy special kits with geodes in them

  • Once you have your geodes, make sure you have a grownup to help you break them open.

  • You'll need a sock, a hammer, safety glasses or goggles, and a safe place to break open

  • your geodes.

  • Squeaks and I are going to go outside and break ours open on the sidewalk.

  • Be patient with this part if you're doing it at home.

  • Because it might take a little while.

  • Ready, Squeaks?

  • Let's go outside.

  • First, put on your safety glasses.

  • We're going to leave ours like this so you can see it break open

  • You'll want to hit the geode with the pointed back part of the hammer so that you break

  • the rock in half instead of just smashing it to bits.

  • It might take a few small hits.

  • There it goes!

  • Is it a geode?

  • Ooh look there they are!

  • You can see the crystals inside have formed

  • Let's smash the other ones and see what's inside!

  • These have bigger crystals, so this geode must have been able to collect minerals longer

  • than the other ones.

  • Alright let's try this last one

  • I'm going to use the flat side of the hammer and see what happens

  • Oh man, it smashed it to bits!

  • So if you're going to use the flat side, be careful

  • Where should we put our pretty new geodes, Squeaks?

  • Yeah, good idea.

  • They look good there.

  • Thanks for learning about geodes with us!

  • We want to also thank Google Making Science for helping us make this video about these

  • awesome rock formations.

  • If you break open your own geodes, send us a picture at

  • Thanks and we'll see you next time.

  • Here at the fort!

Hi there!


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