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  • What has changed over the last 30 years?

  • A lot.

  • Governments changed.

  • Economies changed.

  • Markets crashed.

  • New technologies changed industries and societies.

  • But what hasn't changed

  • is IBM's commitment to transparent environmental reporting.

  • It is an area that just doesn't take a day off.

  • You have to be constantly improving.

  • Today, every company issues an environmental report.

  • But it wasn't always that way.

  • In the 1990's, we were one of the few multinational companies to do

  • a comprehensive environmental report.

  • But at the time, I think we recognized

  • it really forces companies to take action.

  • And that very beginning of

  • corporate environmental reporting from 30 years ago

  • has taken off like wildfire.

  • Today, every generation of our hardware

  • needs to be more efficient than the previous generation.

  • Buildings account for about 40% of the world's energy use.

  • So if we can use data analytics

  • we can make a lot of progress

  • in reducing the energy use of those buildings.

  • Reporting our environmental impacts,

  • it's not just about feeling good about ourselves.

  • It's about our values.

  • You shouldn't be embarassed to disclose how your operations are impacting the environment.

  • We're very fact-driven.

  • We try to understand the problem, and IBM's impact,

  • and what we can do to change our operations.

  • What matters most in the end

  • is conserving energy,

  • actually consuming renewable electricity,

  • and truly avoiding, eliminating, or reducing emissions.

  • We have the solution, we have the desire, and

  • whether it's clients, the government, or in private sector,

  • they have the needs.

  • We just need to match those things together.

What has changed over the last 30 years?


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IBM30年的环境领导力(IBM: 30 Years of Environmental Leadership)

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