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  • Today on Dnews, we answer one of life's greatest mysteries: why do people go bald?

  • Hey guys, Tara here for Dnews - and something I guarantee every man watching this has thought

  • at one point or another - is, am I losing my hair?

  • Which is totally understandable.

  • Over a third of all men in America suffer from hair loss, but why is that?

  • What causes someone to go bald - and is there an evolutionary reason for why it happens?

  • Well, male pattern baldness is essentially a product of two factors: genetics and hormones.

  • On the hormone side, you have testosterone - over time, about 5% of all your testosterone

  • breaks down and gets converted into di-hydro-testosterone - DHT.

  • All men have some amount of DHT in their bodies, from the moment an egg gets fertilized, until

  • they die.

  • And it does different things depending on what stage of life you're in.

  • When you're still in the womb, DHT is what helps form the male genitalia.

  • But once a man reaches adulthood, it starts to play a role in prostate regulation, and

  • it can cause the hair follicles to miniaturize.

  • So men who experience male pattern baldness, likely have a sensitivity to DHT.

  • That's the hormone explanation.

  • But most baldness, especially baldness that happens early on in life - is due to genetics.

  • And we've always been taught that it's a maternal disorder, right?

  • So if you're a guy, and your mom's father was bald - then you'll be bald too.

  • And sometimes, that is the case.

  • But not always.

  • Recent research has shown that it's likely a result of multiple genes, from both your

  • mother and your father.

  • But just because they lost their hair quickly, doesn't necessarily mean you will.

  • You also have to account for things like stress, medications, diet, smoking, and sleeping habits

  • - all of which can contribute to hair loss.

  • Interestingly, the fact that there is some genetic basis for it, does imply that it provides

  • at least some evolutionary advantage.

  • The current leading theory is that baldness is a sign of physical and social maturity,

  • which indicates that he's past the stage of high sexual activity, and thus less of

  • a threat to other males.

  • It also stands to reason that a mature man would be more nurturing to younger groups

  • - which in turn, would be a selling point for women.

  • Not to mention the fact that he'd be less likely to seek out other women, and vice versa.

  • It makes sense when you think about it, but most guys would probably still prefer to have

  • their hair back.

  • And unfortunately, once you go bald, the only surefire way to do that - is a hair transplant.

  • Which isn't cheap.

  • But hey - at least it's your own hair.

  • What do you guys think about this?

  • And if you are bald, do you embrace it - or try to hide it?

  • You can let us your thoughts in the comments below - otherwise, thanks for watching!

Today on Dnews, we answer one of life's greatest mysteries: why do people go bald?


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为什么男人会秃头?(Why Do Men Go Bald?)

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