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  • You look at your favorite sports drink and see that it's got electrolytes!

  • Great, but what exactly are electrolytes?

  • And why do we need them?

  • Electrolytes are ions that carry an electrical charge and travels in and out of cells.

  • The most common types of electrolytes in your body are sodium, potassium, calcium, chloride,

  • and magnesium.

  • One of the key features of electrolytes is triggering an electrical event called action

  • potential.

  • These events are the signals that your brain sends through neurons to parts of the body,

  • like your bicep, to contract muscle.

  • By having sodium and potassium ions traveling in and out of cells, the cells charge switches

  • from negative to positive.

  • It carries this switching process throughout the entire axon of a neuron all the way down

  • to its fingers called axon terminals, which will communicate with other neurons to do

  • the same.

  • Once this switching signal reaches the muscle fiber, the electrolyte calcium ions flood

  • into the muscle fiber and the muscle contracts.

  • As you can see, if you have lower electrolyte concentrations, this can lead to weaker and

  • inefficient muscle contraction.

  • Having a lack of potassium and sodium electrolytes carry other issues as well.

  • Low potassium, which can be caused by excessive alcohol use or constant vomiting, or for some

  • of you, both at the same time, in general can also lead to irregular heartbeat, and

  • in severe cases, cardiac arrest.

  • Low sodium, which can be caused from dehydration, can lead to loss of energy, muscle cramps,

  • and even comas.

  • And electrolytes have other functions as well.

  • Calcium helps with blood clotting and bone density.

  • Chloride usually hangs out with sodium and helps transport water in and out of cells.

  • Magnesium is used to make enzymes function.

  • So those colorful and sugary sports drinks, although aren't the greatest for fluids in

  • terms of calorie intake, might be a better option than water alone after a long workout

  • session.

  • But keep in mind those sports drinks don't have all the electrolytes your body needs.

  • If you're looking for something that does, coconut water not only has all the electrolytes

  • you need, but higher amounts as well.

  • Better get your tropical game going.

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You look at your favorite sports drink and see that it's got electrolytes!


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为什么需要电解质-可以帮助您变得更强壮吗?(Why You Need Electrolytes - Can It Help With Getting Stronger?)

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