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  • hey everyone jennifer from tarle speech with your  pronunciation question of the week it's a very  

    嘿,大家好,我是Tarle Speech的Jennifer,本週的發音問題是一個非常重要的問題。

  • long question today we have the words sigh to  exhale sign an indication or a notification  


  • sin a transgression science the study of physical  or the natural world since because and conscience  

    罪惡是一種違法行為 科學研究物理或自然世界,因為和良知。

  • your inner voice it's a lot of words all right  let's take a look i tried to break this down  

    你內心的聲音 它有很多字,好吧,讓我們來看看 我試圖把它分解開來

  • into two columns with the long i and the  short iso let's talk about the long i first  


  • this vowel is going to be tense and you  are going to start with an open mouth  


  • i and move to a smile of course i'm exaggerating  i get comments in some of my videos saying i don't  


  • make my i like that this is for teaching  purposes so again to get your tongue in  


  • the right place you're going to open your mouth  wide in an oval i and then move to that smiling  


  • shape and that's going to get the tongue  tip down low and then high and flat i i i i  


  • next for the short ih sound you're going to relax  your lips my students often confuse this sound  


  • with the long e because they look very similar so  we have e and then relax your lips a little bit ih  


  • so your tongue is going to be high and flat but  not as high as the e it's going to pop down a  


  • little bit because you are relaxing your cheeks  and your lips and your mouth so we have e ih e ih

    有一點,因為你正在放鬆你的臉頰和你的嘴脣和你的嘴,所以我們有e ih e ih

  • so hopefully that helps you get  the difference between those two  


  • vowels we're going to have the letter s the  s sound to start these words um to do this  


  • you are going to just have the tip of your  tongue either pointing down or behind the  


  • top front teeth it is not touching and the air  is going to continue to move out and then for  


  • the n sound nnn the tip of the tongue is going to  touch the back of the top front teeth and the air  

    n音 nnn 舌尖要接觸到上門牙的後面,空氣也要接觸到。

  • will move out of your nose so those are the basic  sounds that we're going to use something else to  


  • keep in mind is that we have some situations  where we have two syllables instead of one so  


  • let's start with the one syllable words and try to  put those all together so we have sigh sigh sigh


  • sign sign sign sign and then the  short i sin sin sin sin and sinse  

    符號 符號 符號 符號,然後是短的i sin sin sin和sinse

  • sinse sinse since now for that ns some people  will ask me about this um you're going to touch  


  • the teeth for the n nnn and then pull the tongue  down for that s as you do that make sure that  

    在做這個動作的時候,要確保你的牙齒上的n nnn和舌頭上的s。

  • the air is moving out of your mouth for thepractice it slowly in two parts n s n s ns ns

    空氣從你的嘴裡流出來,分兩部分慢慢練習 n s n s n s ns ns

  • it's always a great tip take it slow at first  and then speed it up now we have the word science  


  • spelling really confuses people here so we're  just going to have think of the um sounds s-i  


  • sigh and then we're going to end short  i ins science science science science  

    嘆息,然後我們將結束短我 ins 科學 科學 科學

  • and then for conscience you have some options  i've been getting a lot of comments about  


  • is it a short eye is it a short e is it a shortfocus on clarity and just having a short relaxed  


  • vowel sound there to get the word stress correct  for these unstressed syllables so i wrote it as  


  • the short i because we're studying this andthink that lends to the lesson and um it's a  


  • little bit easier to remember if you're learning  but technically it is the short u the schwa sound  


  • you have an option you can either say ns  as the ending or you can do nts both are  


  • acceptable okay so we have conscience conscience  conscience i tend to not say the t but you can say  


  • conscience conscience conscience either is fine  so let's give them all a try sigh sigh sigh  

    良心 良心 良心都可以,所以讓我們把它們都試一試。

  • sign sign sign science science science sin sin sin  since since since conscience conscience conscience  

    符號 符號 符號 符號 科學 科學 科學 罪惡 罪惡 自從 自從 自從 自從 良心 良心 良心 良心

  • and now for a sentence i don't have one oh my  goodness that means you have to write one down  


  • so since i don't have a since i don't  have a sentence some of you may think  


  • that is a sin it will weigh heavy on my conscience  but science tells me since you all are so smart  


  • that you can leave your sign or your signature in  the comments section and leave a sigh of relief  


  • after you write a sentence give it a try  people are going to know this difference  


  • if you found this helpful we'd love it  like a share and a subscribe check out  


  • our products on google play and itunes and all of  our class options on tarle speech thanks everyone

    我們的產品在google play和itunes上,以及我們在tarle speech上的所有課程選項,謝謝大家。

hey everyone jennifer from tarle speech with your  pronunciation question of the week it's a very  

嘿,大家好,我是Tarle Speech的Jennifer,本週的發音問題是一個非常重要的問題。

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A2 初級 中文 符號 科學 句子 舌尖 放鬆 嘴脣

如何給SIN, SINCE, SIGH, SIGN, SCIENCE, CONSCIENCE發音 - 英語發音課程 (How to Pronounce SIN, SINCE, SIGH, SIGN, SCIENCE, CONSCIENCE - English Pronunciation Lesson)

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