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You will always remember your first real kiss, your first day of high school and your first
time playing the original Resident Evil. The game was just unlike anything else out there
at the time. I will always remember the first time a went through the door and the found
the first zombie. The cutscene that happen next will be forever remembered. It is one
of the most memorial moments in gaming. The zombie slowly turns to you and before you
know it, you are thrown into the action. That is a great metaphor for the game itself.
You are a member of the Raccoon City Stars team, either Jill Valentine or Chris Redfield.
Each one has their own strengths and weakness and actually their own game. Depending on
which one you choose, the story will unfold in different ways. If you choose Chris you
will have more strength and Rebecca will be involved in the story while if you pick Jill
you will have Barry and more inventory slots. So really, you are getting two games in one.
This game is not just the one of the best in the genre, but rather it is the game that
defined that genre. Resident Evil laid down the template for all other games. You play
as a member of Stars, The Special Tactics and Rescue Service, who are sent in to rescue
Bravo team who disappeared. The find, “Parts” of Bravo team before they are attacked and
have to hind in a nearby mansion. The mansion acts as the hub, with different areas spawning
off, including a greenhouse and underground lab. You will go through the mansion, solving
puzzles to open doors and trying to escape. The puzzles are tough and this would be challenging
on its own but the game throws in more challenge by having the mansion filled with zombies.
They move slow and let you know they are there with an “auhhhh” but don’t let that
fool you. They will still eat your brains when given the chance and do add the tension
while running through the mansion. Just remember, keep shooting until they bleed.
The game should be remembered for what it was and not what it is because it has not
aged well. Although there is something endearing about it, like watching your daughter’s
first recital after she become a concert cellist. All those years do add up and make a better
experience but there is something special about the early days. The Resident Evil series
has grown up, from the terrible controls and weak graphics. You control your character
like a tank, turning them on an axis and moving forward as the game uses fixed pre-rendered
areas, strung together with classic door opening loading screens. Many people complain about
the fixed camera, but personally I love it. It adds something. With the fixed camera,
you don’t know what is around the corner because you cannot see around the the corner.
This makes you have to stay on your toes, as you move from room to room, something I
feel the series has kinda gotten away from.
The game also has great replay value, due to the fact that each character really has
their own game. The game also times you and if you beat the game under a certain time
it rewards you, with things such as alternate costumes and infinite ammo rocket launcher.
The game is a classic for a reason. It created the survival horror genre as soon as it was
released. Although it has tough controls and laughably bad voice acting, the game is still
a winner in my book and is just a reminder of why the Resident Evil series is still continuing


[電玩遊戲 PlayStation惡靈古堡1遊戲回顧]CGRundertow RESIDENT EVIL for PlayStation Video Game Review

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