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  • Hi there Jennifer from Tarle speech with your pronunciation question. We have

    你好,來自Tarle語音的Jennifer,你的發音問題。 我們有

  • two words today: warrior a strong person or a fighter and worrier stressed or an


  • anxious person. Let's go ahead and take a look at our words. We have warrior and

    焦慮的人。 讓我們繼續看一下我們的字。 我們有戰士和

  • worrier. So I'm going to give you the three syllable pronunciations first and


  • then I'm going to give you an option for warrior if you just want to say two


  • syllables. Let's start with the endings so both of these words are going

    音節。 讓我們從詞尾開始,所以這兩個詞都要

  • to end with E and then er so to do this you're going to say the e sound by


  • smiling and make that vowel nice and long. e And then move to the er and to

    微笑,使元音又長又好。 e 然後移到er,再移到

  • do this you are going to have square tense lips,


  • tip of your tongue is going to be either pointed down or flipped back, just don't


  • touch your teeth and don't let that tongue move. Make sure your lips are nice


  • and tense and that will avoid you from saying uh. All right so e-er e-er e-er

    和時態,這將避免你說呃。好吧,那麼e-er e-er e-er

  • Now what's the difference at the beginning, for warrior we are going to


  • start with war and to do that you're going to have puckered lips for that W


  • sound. And then you're going to move to the or by pulling the lips back into


  • that square tense shape. war war war For worrier we are going to say were and to

    戰爭 戰爭 對於擔心的人,我們要說的是,他們是和我們一樣的。

  • do that again you are going to pull your lips back but this is going to be a


  • little bit shorter. right. So we have war and were war and were. Another difference

    有點短。 對。所以我們有戰爭和被戰爭和被。 另一個區別

  • is my lips are more puckered for the war and they are less puckered for the word


  • were were war were war were. Let's put that all

    是戰爭是戰爭是。 讓我們把這一切

  • together warrior warrior warrior worrier worrier worrier. I do hear some people

    在一起的戰士戰士戰士戰士戰士戰士戰士戰士戰士戰士戰士戰士戰士戰士戰士戰士。 我確實聽到有些人

  • say warrior and that is an acceptable pronunciation. So that's an option as


  • well so again we have warrior and worrier and now in a sentence. To be more

    那麼,我們又有了戰士和憂慮者,而且現在在一個句子中。 要更

  • courageous the worrier envisioned herself as a warrior. So to be more

    憂慮者設想自己是個戰士,很有勇氣。 是以,為了更

  • courageous the worrier envisioned herself as a warrior. Give it a try

    勇敢的憂慮者把自己設想成一個戰士。 試一試吧

  • people are going to notice the difference. If you found this helpful


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Hi there Jennifer from Tarle speech with your pronunciation question. We have

你好,來自Tarle語音的Jennifer,你的發音問題。 我們有


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