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  • Living among the Himalayan foothills is a wild cat with one of the most striking coats

  • in the animal kingdom.

  • On this episode of world's weirdest animals we bring you the clouded leopard.

  • Spanning from Southeast Asia into China the clouded leopard or mainland clouded leopard

  • has this 2nd name to distinguish it from the Sunda clouded leopard.

  • The sunda received its own species classification in 2006 due to it's darker fur and cloud

  • pattern.

  • First described in 1821 by British zoologist Edward Griffith the clouded leopard is found

  • in Burma, Southern China, Borneo, Sumatra, Java, Taiwan and Nepal.

  • Living in dense tropical and subtropical rainforests, swamps, grasslands and jungles this feline

  • is apart of the same general family as other big cats like leopards and cheetahs.

  • The clouded leopard has the largest canines compared to body size of any cat

  • Designed to climb trees these cats have strong paws, flexible joints and short legs.

  • Their retractable claws are only drawn when needed which helps keep them nice and sharp.

  • Unsuspecting trees are the clouded leopards target of choice to sharpen their claws which

  • also leaves scent to mark their territory.

  • Being a territorial creature their domain can range from 50 to 120 miles or 80 to 200

  • kms.

  • The clouded leopard is nocturnal or a hunter of the night which preys upon not always but

  • most typically tree dwelling animals.

  • Monkeys, birds, squirrels, and rodents in the trees as well as deer, cattle, porcupines

  • and wild boars make up their carnivorous diet.

  • This feline would prefer to hunt in the trees as they spend the majority of their life among

  • them.

  • Their long tail provides excellent balance as they leap from branch to branch in a fraction

  • of the second.

  • This feline has no mating season, any time is a good time.

  • A pregnant leopard will give birth after 95 days to 1 to 5 cubs.

  • Being blind at birth just as a house cat is they weight 6 ounces.

  • A clouded leopard kitten will drink mommas milk for 9 months but add meat to their diet

  • after being 3 months old.

  • Able to reproduce themselves after 3 years these majestic cats can live up to 17 years

  • in captivity but it's unknown their natural wild lifespan.

  • Today there are less than 10,000 individuals left leaving this species listed as vulnerable

  • on the IUCN red list.

  • The clouded leopards numbers are decreasing every year with no single population of them

  • being more than 1000.

  • Deforestation is the main reason for their decline in the wild as well as poaching for

  • the fur trade.

  • Disgusting jackets like this are made with the furs of these beautiful animals.

  • A recent arrest of someone involved in this practice was sentenced to 200 hours community

  • service, sadly that pathetic sentence won't stop these people from doing it.

  • There are people fighting against the decline of the clouded leopard like the Clouded Leopard

  • project who accept donations that go towards research and conservation of these felines

  • in Malaysia and Borneo.

  • Why don't you check out our video on the Asian Leopard Cat or the Loris and until the

  • next one have a good one.

Living among the Himalayan foothills is a wild cat with one of the most striking coats


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雲豹 | 世界上最奇怪的動物(Clouded Leopard | World's Weirdest Animals)

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