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  • Fancy a cuppa?

    Fancy a cuppa?

  • If you would like to offer someone a cup of tea, you can say "fancy a cuppa?"

    如果你想請別人喝茶,你可以說:「fancy a cuppa?」

  • 'Fancy...?' is a shortened form of 'do you fancy' and means 'do you want?'

    「Fancy...?」是 「do you fancy」的簡稱,意思是「你想不想?」

  • For example,


  • Fancy a chat?


  • Fancy a beer?


  • Fancy a film?


  • 'A cuppa' is the way we pronounce 'a cup of' in spoken english.

    「A cuppa」是 「a cup of」英文口語的發音。

  • When we say a cuppa, we use a schwa sound at the start and end.

    當我們說 cuppa 時,我們在開頭跟結尾會發出 /ə/ 的音。

  • A cup of coffee.


  • A cup of hot chocolate.


  • A cup of tea.


  • In addition to saying a cuppa instead of a cup of in spoken english, we can also use a cuppa as a noun meaning 'a cup of tea'.

    除了在英文口語中說 a cuppa 來代替 a cup of 之外,我們還可以把 a cuppa 作為一個名詞,意思「是一杯茶」。

  • So, "fancy a cuppa?" means "do you want a cup of tea?"

    所以,「fancy a cuppa?」是指「你想喝杯茶嗎?」

  • Fancy a cuppa, anyone?


  • That was

    以上是 BBC英語學習頻道的節目。

Fancy a cuppa?

Fancy a cuppa?

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【BBC 英語】Fancy a cuppa? 是什麼意思?(Fancy a cuppa - English Explainers)

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