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  • Stroke:

  • Stroke is a brain attack which causes your body to become paralyzed.

  • It is a very common problem throughout the world.Every 1 in 6 man and every 1 in 5 woman

  • is at risk for developing stroke.

  • It is second highest cause of death and highest cause of disability in world.

  • What happens in Stroke?

  • In about 80% of cases Stroke is due to blockage of a blood vessel in brain due to blood clot.

  • In 20% of cases stroke is due to rupture of a blood vessel in brain.

  • In both cases parts of affected brain suddenly stop working.

  • What causes Stroke?

  • There are many causes: Most important causes are high blood pressure.

  • Especially long standing and uncontrolled high blood pressure.

  • Diabetes, high cholestrol and heart diseases are also important risk factor.

  • Another important risk factor is tobacco in form of cigratte, shisha or even chewing tobacco.

  • These factors over period of time affect blood vessels of brain ending up in either blockage

  • or rupture of them.

  • How do we identify Stroke?

  • Acronym for stroke symptoms is known as FAST

  • F stands for paralysis or drooping of Face A is for weakness of arms or legs

  • S represents slurring of Speech and inability to speak

  • If any one develops one or more of these symptoms suddenly they probably had a stroke

  • T- Stands for time means you have to rush to emergency because in stroke 'time is

  • brain' if you loose time you are going to loose brain.

  • What to do if someone has a stroke?

  • Take patient to emergency room as soon as possible.

  • An urgent CT scan is needed to find out if it is due to a blood clot or rupture of blood

  • vessel (or brain hemorrhage)

  • If it is due to a blood clot patient may benefit from a clot busting drug called tpa.

  • This medator can only be given with 4-5 hours.

  • Patient need to be admitted in hospital preferrably in a stroke care unit.

  • Blood pressure control and prevention of complications like pneumonia are mandatory.

  • Long Term Care: Stroke patients require long time to recover

  • usually months and have a chance of recurrence of stroke.

  • Long term care requires

  • Daily medications prescribed by doctors.

  • Abstinence from smoking/tobacco Rehabilitation and regular exercise

  • Some patient may require surgery of brain or blood vessel.

  • Take home Message:

  • Stroke is preventable if risk factors are controlled especially high blood pressure.

  • Stroke is treatable.

  • Most people can go back to work with correct treatment,



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