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  • Antibodies and Their Function

  • Today

  • we will share a simple mnemonic

  • to memorize 5 types of Antibodies

  • Immunoglobulins can be memorized

  • using the acronym GAMED.

  • It can be further associated

  • with each antibodies' function

  • or common location where it's found the most.

  • IgG

  • This is the only type of antibody

  • that can cross the placenta

  • in the gestation period.

  • IgA

  • this type of antibody is found in the nose

  • and other breathing passages or airway.

  • It is also present in the alimentary tract,

  • saliva and vagina.

  • IgM

  • IgM commonly found in lymph fluid and blood

  • to immediately responds to an infection.

  • IgE

  • IgE is the least abundant antibody in plasma

  • and elevated number of IgE

  • is found in patients with allergies.

  • IgD

  • the least understood of all antibodies.

  • It exists in small amount in the blood.

  • Be sure to follow our next mnemonic video!

Antibodies and Their Function


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抗体及其功能(Antibodies and Their Function)

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